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  1. ajwashere

    Breaking open the RHS crankcase cover

    Dont forget the long bolt going thru the oil filter. Just my 2 cents
  2. ajwashere

    New Bling purchased..Advice on seat cover?

    Ha Ha you all so funny Jk The motor is coming along now so i will post a pic when its back in so you guys can pick on someone else! Oh and the side panels where blue but i stripped them with Jasco and sprayed um black with supposed "plastic paint" but the paint seems fragile. I will probably repaint it white later...and no comments..i wont paint anything till the engine is done Safe riding all. This website rocks!
  3. ajwashere

    Top End Rebuild XR650L

    James, If you want factory parts servicehonda.com is cheap and they have very good customer service and a great website with factory part number fiches. If you want aftermarket parts i would check the Thumpertalk store. I have compared price between TT store, Dennis Kirk and chaparral and the TT store was the cheapest. As for the hotcam, try ebay. There is a guy selling them for 126.99 plus $6.95 shipping. ...Aj
  4. ajwashere

    New Bling purchased..Advice on seat cover?

    Ok your right. Its XR's only. They do quality work but it seems to take a little while. But i also did not call everyday or even every week. So maybe if you stay on them it will get done faster. You know the ol saying the sqeeky wheel gets the grease!
  5. ajwashere

    New Bling purchased..Advice on seat cover?

    Working on the seat because the machine shop is slow! I wont name any names. And i am good at multitasking wiseguy! Safe riding guys...
  6. ajwashere

    New Bling purchased..Advice on seat cover?

    Yup..Here is a pick of my XR650L that i just installed XR600R foam and gripper cover made by CEET. It fit perfectly on the seat pan but an air stapler is a big help holding it down. Good luck and safe riding.