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  1. Wondering if anyone has had any problems with their ohlins forks, had both seals go on mine at the same time?? Im an average rider and don't give the suspension a very hard time, I am a little puzzled as to why they went anyone got any ideas???
  2. andy530

    Vor 04 530 SM 320mm front rotor???

    Yeh that sounds like what im after... Id like to keep the original caliper but Id be very intrested in what sort of deal you got on a slimline one and where you got it. Thats the problem up here in Queensland you say VOR and people say a WHAT its hard to source good bits please let me know THANKS
  3. andy530

    Vor 04 530 Rear guard Vibrations

    Hey guys my bike seems to be prone to blowing stop/ tail light bulbs on a regular basis I suspect too much vibration... just wondering if anyone else has this problem and any ideas of a cure would be appreciated
  4. HELP anyone I want to put a 320mm front rotor on my 04 530 ene. Not sure which relocating bracket to get... Have any of you guys done this to a VOR... what's the best rotor to get?? Im thinking a wave type jobby??