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    dirt riding and salt water fishing
  1. martensrj

    who rides with no mirrors?

    Riding with no mirrors may clean up the looks of your bike, and we all like good looking bikes. But, I don't use my mirrors for looks, I use them to look. Situational awareness first, legal issues second. I don't have plastic roost guards on my Moose Racing bark busters, but I do have a lot of tree bark imbedded in my bark busters from tight trails ( or magnetic trees???). Live Long AND Ride....
  2. martensrj

    Wrecked my '02 DRZ400s tonight

    Glad to hear you survived. I save my trail riding stunts for the trails. up to you how you ride. sounds like normal trail rash, but good upgrades. i just reversed my front signals and raised them on the front for free, found the mods online here. the edge and associated tail blinkers are great for the rear. get rid of those deathwings and put some dunlop 606's or something on those rims before you hurt some one!!! happy trails.... merry christmas....
  3. the blue ones are okay. everything fits if you leave everything loose til the end. i might have gotten red if i had it to do again.......
  4. martensrj

    Lazy rim lock question

    thanks for the input guys..... any lazy/cheaters done this???? i'd already have my auto clutch in if it could be auto installed????
  5. martensrj

    Lazy rim lock question

    yep, just have to push the rubber plugs out of the drz 400s rims... same rims as the e i think.....
  6. martensrj

    Lazy rim lock question

    Can i get my new rim locks in without removing the wheels from the bike and just popping one side of the tire off???? anybody done this????
  7. martensrj

    Are You A Man, Or A Mouse-Feedback

    bottom line... who really cares about the feedback. put on your kevlar t-shirt and keep posting. morons will continue to thrive among us until they approve the abortion term limit to 75 years after birth..... best wishes to all riders ( mostly two wheelers though) ... rm sends
  8. martensrj

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    just retired from 30 years in the air force. got to ride military dirt bikes. got to push 80's to 250's out the back of an airplane and parachute after them, then clear runways. have almost 500 jumps, 200 scuba dives, 1000's of other things. now i ride and fish. so far, mostly ride.... life is good
  9. martensrj

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    yep. 1975 Can-Am TNT-250......
  10. martensrj


    i crash a lot. mostly at 35 + mph. squiggly in 12" deep soft sand and always find a tree to help me bleed off some speed. have bent both shrouds all the way back and the attachment points are ready to snap through. my unabikers look brand new. i think the blue are the strongest. and they fit with just some wiggling before i tightened everything up. if i were looking to bling things up, i would get the red or gold..... rm sends
  11. martensrj


    my fox trackers for 129 have never failed me. they are not the most comfortable to jog in, but i don't even feel them when i'm on the pegs. i regularly get my feet ripped off the pegs on florida jungle single track, and have zero complaints about protection. twice i thought i was gonna have to back track the trail to recover a severed limb, but somehow my feet always stay attched. i have a brand new pair of berik ovs for 200.00 plus shipping if you want. i love my trackers, and now they come with an enduro sole....
  12. martensrj

    SideWinder Sprocket

    i like my 47 tooth sidewinder tri-metal on my drz-400s. i swear the sprocket fairy comes out at night and resharpens the teeth. i run a hundred miles of trails for every ten miles of pavement. it was pricey, but i'm happy enough....
  13. martensrj

    Home made neck rolls?

    i'm taking a homestudy course on self lobotomy. i'm scheduling myself for the 33 of april. is he interested in buying any leftovers????
  14. martensrj

    What is on your plate right now?

    metalman, cool. sell them on ebay!!!!!
  15. martensrj

    49 Tooth on a DRZ400S?

    49??? are riding up the walls of your living room???. my 47 is great, the thought of a 48 almost scares me.... i'm running the sidewinder tri-metal and am really happy.... will add a rekluse soon....