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    Looking for an orange Vesco desert tank. Send me a pic of the style you have. Thanks


    Festus, MO - US

  2. g-ride2

    don vesco plastic feul tanks

    I'm looking for an orange Vesco desert tank. Please let me know what you have. kgeisner@hotmail.com
  3. g-ride2

    My first XL600R

    I emailed Alec. He does not have them listed for a 1986 XL600R. He does have them listed for a 1988-up XR600. Are you saying the ACV for the 1988-up XR600 are the same as the 1986 XL600R? The email I got back from them was a link to their XR600 acv on ebay. When I questioned them, they thought I had a XR model not an XL. I'm good on oil. My stock main jets are (118 in the primary carb and 115 in the secondary carb) I still need to look at the pilot jet. Are these sizes pretty lean for stock? I'm installing a uni filter and I plan on removing the baffle. Keeping stock exhaust.
  4. g-ride2

    My first XL600R

    No luck on the ACV (air cut off valve). Anyone out there have this same issue. Surely the ones listed on ebay will fit??? So stock jetting on a California model 86 xl600r is sufficient? I guess I won't know until I put the carbs back on. I'm just trying to avoid taking the carbs back off. Surely someone out there has been in this same situation? This is Thumpertalk right? I figured I'd have my answers by now...... Just trying to light a fire! ;-)
  5. g-ride2

    My first XL600R

    Hey guys. I just got my first Honda XL600R. It's a 1986 model from California. I live in Missouri and want to get it up to speed for some back road/trail/commuter cruising. The bike is stock with only 4xxx miles on it. This bike probably hasn't been started in 10 years. Besides removing the smog parts, I really want to keep the stock appearance. Here are my questions: - Since I'm keeping the stock exhaust on it, what improvements can I make to the jetting, air/fuel screw and air box? Also, where do you get a new air cut off diaphragm? - The only aftermarket part I found on the bike was a Answer Roost Boost. I removed it. The spark was never impressive. It has it, but just nibbles on your finger. I'm not scared to get shocked if it means I got good spark! From what I've been reading, the Ricky Stator is the thing to get. Even though when I measure the resistance on the stock stator, it is in the 340 ohm range. - What sprocket ratio do you recommend for what I want to use it for? No highway, just two lane roads. - Lastly, what's the best oil to run. I have a 98 WR400F that I run 20/50 mobile synthetic in. Do I use the same? That's it. Looking forward to your replies. Thanks, Keith
  6. g-ride2

    Sexy New Lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with Joel Gibson. I'm very happy with my 98 wr 400 and I plan on keeping it for a lonnnnngggg time.
  7. g-ride2

    Tall Seat Foam call out, whose got it??

    Thanks Pete!!
  8. g-ride2

    Missouri Riders

    I missed out on riding this weekend with my brother and a friend, but maybe the weekend after next I can hook up with some of you guys out at St. Joe park, or possible out at Potosi? I know St. Joe does get boring if you rode out there more than 5 times. I wish they never closed down the chat hills. My brother has a 2000 YZ250 and a friend of ours has a 98 husaberg. Ride on!
  9. g-ride2

    Missouri Riders

    I'm just curious to see how many MO riders view this site. I'm new here and I'm starting to see a lot of neihbors. I'm originally from Ste. Genevieve, but recently moved to Valley Park to get closer to work. I do most of my riding out at St. Joe Park and I hit a hare scramble every now and then. Maybe we can hook up some weekend. C-ya!
  10. g-ride2

    Tall Seat Foam call out, whose got it??

    Where can I get this GUTS foam and cover? My ass is killing me after every ride. It's keeping me from putting in a whole day of riding. I also have the YZ seat and tank combo with the standard 2X4 oak foam. Thanks!
  11. g-ride2

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I'm a Manufacturing Engineer in St. Louis, MO.
  12. g-ride2

    Oven cleaner and sparkplugs

    I always bead blast my fouled plugs. If you have a blast cabinet available it only take 1 minute to blast the end of your plug and blow it off good.
  13. Here's a trick I did a couple of weeks ago when my accelerator/diaphram pump started leaking around the push rod. Once I removed the rod and diaphram, I noticed the rod was badly corroded not to mention a rusted up diaphram. I purchased a new diaphram, but instead of buying a new rod,which would corrode again, I cut a section of brazing rod that was the same length and bent it to shape. Works perfect, plus is won't corrode!! I hope I spread some knowledge! Take Care. [ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: g-ride2 ] [ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: g-ride2 ]