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  1. Hope you guys can help me, my 05 wr450f has the problem of hanging idle, it starts on the first kick, runs very good. But when i close the throttle the idle keeps hanging a fair bit above idle. Have put jd jetting in carburator, been changing the jetting, needle clips,...even checked the valves. But still can't seem to fix it... Tis driving me crazy but i won't give up I have aftermarket hotstart plug and checked for airleeks with brake cleaner and deoderant. Also the air/fuel screw has no effect Hope you can point me in the right direction. Thx
  2. dazzler

    Spark but not running

    The bike is running again, cleaned the carburator and that was it. Only one kick and it became alive again thx for the input
  3. dazzler

    Spark but not running

    Hello, i am a wr lover from Belgium. But lately i'm starting to hate the beast. I put a trailtech stator on my '05 wr450f, now it won't start anymore. I have a nice spark when i hold the sparkplug at the engine, but when i put it in i can kick till my legs fall off, please give me a tip in with direction i need To search. Thx
  4. dazzler

    $$$$$ for Rims

    isn't there a little dent in the front rim? (last picture of front rim, right under) it's maybe just the picture
  5. dazzler

    To EVERYONE who rides!!!!!

    number 50044 not from usa but i hope it's not coming overhere, we already have so little room to ride overhere
  6. dazzler

    Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

    i got an aftermark one, but don't remember the brand:banghead: it cost me about 40euro, i'll try to find out where i got it try this link, it's where i got mine(it's a pdf file) www.hpi.be/Catalogue.pdf
  7. dazzler

    Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

    my 2005 had the same problem, changend the rectifier/regulator and it was just fine It only took me 3 bulbs before i got the voltmeter out:bonk:
  8. a nice training video i found on youtube:ride:
  9. i get a flat almost every 2 weeks, so i need to fix them i think i have a large magnet in my wheel somewhere cause there is almost every time anold rusty nail inthere:bonk:
  10. dazzler

    my beer spilled

    my beer spilled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57QZPmtwBeM
  11. new vid added in first post
  12. check out the maxi free ride report at this page is't an event organised by stefan everts http://www.mxworld.be/ new vid added: http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid155905698/bclid1032340912/bctid1184507504
  13. this is the future of 250cc gp races, 250cc 2 stroke is going to be replaced by 450 4stroke engines
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    thx for the answer:applause:
  15. dazzler


    i have a quick question, are the sprockets of a WR450 and YZ450 the same? thx