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  1. Jenko from Perth Western Australia,Work on Oil and gas rigs for a service company.Just brought me self a 06 drz and loving it!!! 1 newborn boy and not married!
  2. Do you guys know if Metro rd off Brookten hwy is still a good place to ride,went there about 1.5 years ago,great place to ride.
  3. sounds like fun i would be up for that.
  4. Lads i live up in hocking (wanneroo) just got a 06 drz anyone want to hook up for some trailblazing drop me a message.i work away but when im home im up for it.
  5. Mate,I just brought a 06 drz every artical i read said the bike has bad ergos,so i replaced mine with the tallest renthals and it made a wiked amout of difference,more room to move.
  6. Why dont you look up the kdx 400 same thing bike different colour.