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  1. Thanks for posting the fact it is on. I screwed up in my taping on Sunday and missed the whole affair.
  2. Thanks for posting the info. I had my VCR set up for this past Sunday and obviously did something wrong and missed it.
  3. You are right on getting the 06. Nothing like a new bike. Should be picking it up in the next month. Seems like there are a lot of bikes available.
  4. Having the best races of the season happen on CBS hopefully will cause a national network to pick up more races next year and maybe a live race. Time will tell.
  5. I live up in Maryland. Sounds like you have a great bike. Are you near Dallas? That is where I am headed in the beginning of Feb for a few days.
  6. Wanted to get an opinion about the differences of a 2005 RMZ 450 with new pipe and revalved suspension vs. a new 2006 RMZ 450. I am in the market for one of these two bikes but wanted some opinions on saving some money on older tricker bike versus new. Thanks.