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  1. My new 2007 YZ450F...
  2. That's why - had a: 2000 R6 - great looks, good to start with 2004 R1 - even greater looks, enough power, easy to handle 2005 XT660X - perfect ride, endless fun 2003 WR450F - good handling, very reliable Other manufacturers make good bikes as well, sure - but for some reason there's a tattoo on my heart that says "Yamaha"
  3. Hi, I would like to design my own graphics for my 2003 WR450 and would therefore like to ask you if somebody has got vector graphic files of the shrouds and of the fuel tank graphics that he/she could send to me. I just need the outline shapes of both sides at original scale as an EPS or Adobe Illustrator File (don't know if left and right are shapewise identical). I would also be grateful for all other files available (WR450F-Logo, Headlight-Number-Background, etc.) Have the number-plate background for YZ available for download here (you only have to remove the two bottom layers that illustrate the YZ number plate): Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. thanks for the info - unfortunately they only sell OEM-graphics for WR's up to 2002 (250, 400, 426) - on the other hand they offer the complete range for YZ's (which doesn't fit the WR, does it?)
  5. Sure But I guess more likely it's the one for the leather suit and the fluids from "inside" ;-)
  6. You mean "what is a catch can"? Its a small container "catching" your bikes various fluids when crashing out at the race-track (supermoto) - it keeps the track clean and thereby avoids accidents of following riders. Most race-track owerns and supermoto-associations require you to have it. I am sure there are other names for that as well
  7. Hi, I am looking for a catch can or something similar for my WR450 '03. What are you guys using? I'd prefer a "professional" solution rather than doing some work myself - for example something like this KTM Original Part: Cheers, Robert
  8. Hi, does anyone of you know where I could get the Original WR450 graphics - only the ones on the side panels - but not as an expensive Original Yamaha Genuine Part. I also don't want any of these design pieces available in every MX-Shop I like the original look of my Yam. By the way - could I use the 04 stickers for the 03 as well? Thanks & best regards, Robert
  9. Thanks, but I've already got the one you mentioned. I simply don't like the glossy look. Unfortunately 99% of all bar-pads seem to be made of that material (I prefer the nylon version)
  10. Hi folks, I was searching the web up and down - but no evidence of where to find these Yamaha bar pads (I don't like these glossy and shiny ones that are available on every corner). Has anyone got a hint for me where to get these? Cheers, Robert
  11. In the meantime I have got the confirmation from the seller that it's a 2003 thanks for your help
  12. The graphics and some colors of the bike they'd offered me is what made me suspicious about it as well. See this comparison of the 03 and 04 and the bike in question on the lower right side: - in 2003 there was the line "titanium 5 valve" on the white number panel on the back - in 2004 not - the graphics of the side panel is different for 2003 and 2004 - the color of the forks was different
  13. Hi folks, how can I exactly identify which model year a WR450F is? I have the option to buy one that is sold as Model 2004 - but I suspect it to be a 2003 (which I want to avoid by any means due to it's infamous starter-problems) It was sold in Austria - it's model name is CJ04W and it's identification number is jyacj04w03a005573 Any help appreciated..., Robert
  14. Hi, I have just bought an 04 Yam WR450F and will transform it to SuperMoto within the next weeks. Besides wheels & braking I also want to adjust the original suspension. For cost reasons I neither want to buy a complete new front- or rear-system but would simply like to adjust/re-set these. All the work will be done by a mechanic. But what should I tell him (the mechanic) to do? - lower the forks? by how much? how's this done? - add oil? how much? - revalve? what settings? - change the front-fork-springs? (there's Öhlins available for the WR for approx. 140 US$ - Any comments and advises are appreciated Cheers, Robert