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  1. have any one try this ... it is the best for soft ground
  2. guys where can i find the website for the CHM P-4 Exhaust. i want to see some pictures for the exhaust......
  3. have any one try the turbonator, it is a 10% more power i just ordered one but i don't know how to install it,And i dont know it is work with my bike!!! , any one can tell me more about it ? thanks
  4. can i know what does RHC refers to i dont know ?
  5. no it is up hill race this is the hill and there is a race for a motocross bike and my friends dire me that the crf 450 full modified can when the race. i need you help guys this is a big challenge
  6. Can i have some links ? Thanks
  7. I am looking for a Big Bore Kit for my CRF450R 2005 i want the max power to my crf any one can tell me where to get the max something like 650cc or more. any price. and i would like it ported and polished.
  8. I would like to know how to make my CRF450R look really good and where to get it? Like graphics, color tiers and rims.