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  1. huskysmr450

    New MX track at the Badlands *Pics Added*

    Yeah I used to ride a smoker. Its just kinda of a good question to ask and see what kinda response you get. Kinda like boy that bike sounds funny (refering to a 2stroke)
  2. huskysmr450

    New MX track at the Badlands *Pics Added*

    Why is the pipe on the bikes in the pictures so big? Is that something new??
  3. huskysmr450

    Mickeyo Walnut Rental

    I am a deffinet maybe. I have to catch a bus in aurora at 3:30 that day to go to dallas so I am gonna try!
  4. huskysmr450

    Buffalo on Saturday

    Yeah its jeff shuck. He just got the yami 125. its old and he got a smokin deal on it. He is attempting to get his pro liscenese. He quads the front section and is the reason there is no longer a berm after the last big table out front. He used it to jump into the parking lot. If you see hime I encourage you to talk to him he is one of the most laid back nicest riders you will ever meet.
  5. huskysmr450

    Buffalo on Saturday

    Jeff is number 214. Mu buddy chad is 114 on a yami. We were out there first thing to. Gray van off to the side. track was good. alitle slick early but tacked up nice, then got dusty later. Typical ottowa just gotta get there early boy and gals!
  6. huskysmr450

    Megacross this weekend?

    Well the track looked Ok. I went and just watchedmy buddys race. I had never been there before. Looks very tame and safe. I was happy to see my litle buddy kyle (85) win 14-24. Should be a good year for him. I seen matt and his brother on the track but never in the pits. Looked like lil bro had a descent night. Glad to here ryan got up and rode after his crash. Both those guys looked to go down hard,and ryan sure looked still for awhile. All and All wardy you seemed to run a pretty tight program, Just way to many quads. Altough I did enjoy seeing the gu y with the backwards visor get ran over by his own quad. Also why so many 50 classes?
  7. huskysmr450


    Hah Matt. Funny guy. Its on!
  8. huskysmr450


    450s over heat in the woods and stall easier. 125s are nimble and have plenty of power for hills with enough clutch. But you wouldnt catch me on a track with a 125.
  9. huskysmr450


    HS is fun I have done a few of them. 450's aint real great in the woods though. My favorite woods bike is a 125. light nimble hard to stall. just alot of clutch in some cituations. I will stick to mx for now.
  10. huskysmr450

    Bundy - No BR Report.....

    The best time at walnut is 9am. first practice! Lots of fun real deep you will want a 450. one of the few times you will find a throtle stop on a 450. I didnt see you on sunday entwistle. You gonna be there this weekend. I think i am heading out there tomorrow. Gonna help out and maybe play a round or 2 of golf. should be a great long weekend.
  11. I have Had a fe buddies run his stuff and have problems with it. All top b an a riders.
  12. huskysmr450

    Need Help...buying truck for mx

    Ranger Power
  13. Ps if you want motor work you shoulda bought a honda then you would be happy. LOL!
  14. I have hear Some shady stuff that Borreli has done. Just my thought I would steer clear. One strory I know is a local a rider had borelli do his susspension, Got kickked real bad on a small jump ended up getting realy banged up. Sent his susspension to pro circut to have them check it out. Turns out it was all stock parts that Borreli had totaly jacked up. My 2 cents on susspension is its real important eighter spernd the money and ship it to the big boys or ride it stock set your sag and use your clickers. Susspension guys can also cheat you real easy by just adjusting oil levels and viscosity. Jus my thoughts not looking for an argument.
  15. huskysmr450

    Need Help...buying truck for mx

    Small trucks are the best. I had a 99 Chevy silverado extended cab loaded 4x4 good truck. A 99 dodge diesel 4x4 extended cab loaded, and modded Bad ass truck. Now I have an 05 2wd ford ranger stx bare bones. Stone stock except for a stereo, and some performance scratches and dents. Favorite vehicle yet. Even better than my old 71 suburban or 77 nova. Look at fuel prices before you buy!