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  1. NorCalSumo

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Damn, you've been busy. Last time I saw it, you were pulling the wheels off a stock bike. Yeah I bought them from you. Got to try them out couple weeks ago. (I need knobbies).
  2. NorCalSumo

    Infineon Results?

    round 3 I believe was Infineon, http://www.supermotousa.com/resultsframe.html
  3. NorCalSumo

    removing passenger footrest (exhaust side)

    cheap-cheap, and I just like to screw around and make stuff sometimes. Took a piece of aluminum, cut and drilled and presto insta-bracket,(well actually 30 minutes later). Put a rubber gromet between the pipe and the bracket for some vibration damping, 2,000 miles and no cracks yet. Kept the stock stuff so if I ever sell the bike. pix in my garage