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  1. I sure think it does, tried some simple very thin aluminium tape first, but this didn't hold very well, probably due to gasoline vapours because I remember tank stickers on Suzuki's in the early 80's coming loose because of this. Installed thicker heat shielding from a specialized firm now, but it does not seem to be a big improvement over the alu tape.
  2. I had similar issues (manuf fault) with other brand new bikes (Honda, Kawasaki) and never got any compensation from dealer or factory whatsoever. They always hide behind the no warranty statement, or rider/mechanic fault.
  3. As a KXF450 (2018) owner this is good stuff as I was considering switching to a YZF450 after summer because of them having more horsepower. See if I can test ride one first then..
  4. So if not grooved this basically means there is not enough lift of the pressure plate. Assuming cable/levers are adjusted properly, and no items such as washer on thrust bearing left uninstalled I would check total plates package thickness if not OEM. Center nut of hub is tight?
  5. Tried reflective foil under the tank this weekend in fairly hot ambient temps, and your solution seems to work, I noticed no loss of power. Although two tracks I went were not ultra loam sand, difference is definately noticable, best tip I had on TT so far, thanks so much!
  6. Not too bad as long as you upshift firmly, but it's mx and in the heat of a race, or even training this is not always possible. In my experience, with a Honda CRF450 it's easy to shift between gears. (even when new, I did it) Lower pic looks like a somewhat more worn gear dog, replace it while your at it.
  7. Valid comment, I was thinking in the same direction, but also wondering if -in case muffler is somewhat restrictive- engine heat could gradually build up to a degree that it becomes noticable. I hate to waste money on an aftermarket exhaust and therefore I covered bottom of tank with reflective tape first as advised. Will let you know if this works.
  8. Really?? Did you experience this first hand? Anyway I will give it a try as this would be an easy/cheap fix. Can I rule out the OEM exhaust front pipe/muffler as being restrictive, as I only see a few "small wings" in the perforated core to restrict noise? Thanks for your suggestions!
  9. I am convinced motor is getting a bit too hot. Mapping is adjusted for more fuel. Could OEM exhaust be too restrictive maybe?
  10. I stand corrected regarding the heavier flywheel. :-) Indeed I never tried one, because acc laws of physics accelerating a heavier rotating mass consumes more energy, resulting in slower revving, and I want as much power as I can get accelerating from corners in sandy conditions, but then again, I guess that is also what supercrossers want so my reasoning must be off?
  11. I never understood why anyone would want to detune a bike. Turn the throttle for just the amount of pull you want, easy. You can try the different couplers and see wich one you prefer. Or you can get the ecu remapped. I have a 2018 450 and I think the power is far from arm stretching. (54yrs old)
  12. Yes when I get back on the track after bike has cooled down it is good again, for about 10mins. Also depends on the track, in loam wet sand it is more noticeable then on hardpack like conditions, seems when bike must pull harder power drops sooner
  13. My new 2018 KXF450 loses power after a few laps (on a sandy mx track) I logged about 6 hrs on it so far. What is the most probable cause for this? Theoretically it can be anything from a defective sensor to..?? but it's a brand new bike! Any suggestions are welcome
  14. How do you check clearance between valves and piston in such case? I might have had a similar issue with a previous bike were 0,1mm was milled off the head. I turned motor by hand first (of course) and motor ran ok for several hrs before some strange knocking occured when cold. I then took top end off but everything looked like new??
  15. I was concerned about that, but cylinder head has no signs of detonation anymore. So the RON98 and richer mapping solved this issue. I also tried RON 100 but bike did not run as well compared to 98. Always used 95 in my CRF450 without any problems.