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  1. Ohio

    What happened, this post was in response to the closing of perry state forest atv? They offered a petition to sign and stop the sale of that land ?
  2. Ohio

    This should be a hot topic here guys. Where else in Ohio can you find this many trails to ride. Get the word out and make your buddies sign up now. thanks John
  3. Well now its not, Becky and I corrected the problems. Somebody needs to remind "No Email Dewane about renewals".
  4. Ohio

    It was a fun race, with the nicest people. I usually wait for everyone to launch then go, this time I landed mid pack into the first corner and what a rush. We entered the first year class, with 15 others. Pigtails got 4th, and I got 8th. She had a blast and said she could have ran harder. Thanks OXCR for a nice event. Hope some of you made it out there.
  5. Tj, that's a cool look of Texas. Have fun tomorrow, and give us up date when you get done.
  6. You cant miss this race Khoyle, it will set the tempo for the whole season. I should be ready for it-{new tires on kdx}.
  7. Ohio

    First race of the season this saturday. We hope to be there, pigtails and I.
  8. That sucks, I hope you heal up well, and quicker than they think. Damn you are tuff, damage like that and you drove home-ouch!!
  9. Sorry its hurt so bad. If you need anything call.
  10. Sorry to here that Jeff.
  11. What area did this take place in, Haspin, Perry, or Wayne?
  12. yeah good time. Until your buddies roost you so bad you cant see. Hope Jbowling is ok.
  13. Tj put on a good ride as well and Nick, I hope jeff was just tired,{jbowling stopped after the second check}. Chris Cox did good in the b 50+, I thought his wife was a lot younger than him!!
  14. So you are rooting for the other team? That's a bit mean, for a father to do!! Sunday will be better for me to go ride anyhow.
  15. I4bikes, you can tell me next visit, and thanks for the supercross tip, just watched it and wow is stewart fast. I really liked the 250 class all Kawasaki's. That number 46 that won the 250 what is he 13-14yrs old??