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  1. will its good info..............
  2. hey the decompression is for wen you dump the bike and it gets flooded. the bikes on the ground and gas is dumping out the over flow tubes...... so you pick up your bike and push in the decompression lever and spin it over. 4 or 5 times to purge the gas out of the eng. and then you wont be flooded.
  3. keep the e on the bike its nice to have
  4. thats the way my 450 was so i sold it and got the 525 exc and I'm happy with it. so dump the 450 dude. and get a 525 it handles just like the 450 and it didn't feel heaver. and the wheel is nice and loft.
  5. get it and put the ktm/ n.o.s kit on it, yeah baby........
  6. EXC525s the suspension is link-less and it puts more power i.e ponys to the ground Then TE650, oh yeah baby............
  7. call a shop........... im sure it is but hey who knows
  8. now iv rode the Los Padres NF up to the top of the hill way up there and its bad ass.
  9. go with the big bore!!!! 450 is to week............
  10. i had the 450 it was nice but it dident pick up the front end like id like it to. so i went with the 525 exc and what a diff. 525 handels just as nice. and it did not ware me out. it was just like my 450 with the get up and go. snap it and it would pick up the front end very nicely and im 245 lb.....
  11. hello my 525 dident have the pull so i put nos on it and that made it go like hell but it blue up, and that made me blue lol....so i called ktm and they fixed it for free. and a hole bunch of people out here got real pissed that ktm fixed it for free, they started a hole bunch of crap out here, emailing ktm and the TT opps out here and i got kicked off of thumper talk by the TT opps, so yes i know abou cry babies out here! im in calif and i ride a lot so send me a email and if your in so cal all ride with ya. so i mite get kicked off for posting this so make sure you send me your email addy ............ and with the TTbabies.................
  12. now thats not a nice thing to say
  13. hello they make a psi swicth for the rear brake lite but it only works with the foot brake. i have this on my bike.
  14. wow i use shell rotella in my diesel. all try it in mt ktm.....