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  1. thats a sweet bike by my 450 would kill it:prof:
  2. the vids ok but this is a bike site not a sled site
  3. yamha's rule kawi's and hondas suck plain and simple
  4. that thing is insane
  5. i know theres going to be alot of people on the topic telling you to get a wr whatever you do dont get a wr at 260 pounds and no power there stupid and that other guys right the 03"s do have the most hard hitting power band i have one there insane if you can find i nice one i would it over the 04
  6. my 450 had the ristpin gone and the ristpin screwed the piston it will only cost about 350 to fix
  7. i dont have any pics but it is in awsome condition i just want an estimate
  8. its in realy good condition i have just replased the chain and sproket but im not selling im just currius but i will sell it soon so i want to know what its worth
  9. i have a crf230f 2004 i have done some work to it it has new jetting and the airbox restricter and the exaust baffle havebeen taken out it has a graphics kit and handle bars and bar gaurds how much could i get estimate thanks
  10. I'm 12 and have a and all most the same size as your son a 230f is terrible its way to heavy i cant even pick it up myself