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  1. GoffRacing

    Well ain't that sweet!

    i have had my 2012 going on three weeks and have between 5 and 6 hours on mine with no trouble, sorry to hear about your trouble.. I did notice that it burned a bunch of oil that first hour or so ?
  2. GoffRacing

    24 hour race report

    that guy was soooo funny i laughed every time he came by and i for sure know how you feel and felt i have run ironman the last 2 years and it is just brutal and i cant for the life of me understand why im doing it until the last lap and then im already kicking my self for not doing better and planning for next year .
  3. GoffRacing

    Dwight Rudder is my Hero

    oh man that is terrible that must have happened after i left for the primed. do you know what happened?. this has been a bad year for moto in this area, i was told this morning that the son of one of the suspension builders down here is paralized after a moto crash on saturday.. this year just hurts my heart
  4. GoffRacing

    Dwight Rudder is my Hero

    your right about dwight he is a hero for sure at least you got a chance to hour out. i broke my foot just before the first check point and had to go home and to pri med
  5. 2ply you are the man... i started riding this way after reading alot of your post and then putting them to practice on a pit bike then got a trials bike and really got it working and now got it going on my woods bike and it is unbelievable how much energy you can save if you just ride the way 2ply and i have sugested. im no expert at all but 2ply is and could teach us alot...
  6. GoffRacing

    CRF 250X Rear Suspension adjustment

    im the same weight and same bike i just set the sag to about 4 inches and then set the clickers i also backed the highspeed adjuster out one turn and it made a big difference in the way the bike rides in the rough stuff.
  7. its all in the way you adjust your brake pedal and shifter they should be higher than you think.. i know it doesnt sound right but after training on a trials bike and learning correct riding technics you really start to learn what works and doesnt because trials brings out your bad habits fast... give it a try i can have most of my weight behind the big and still braking with the rear tire it just takes practice but man your arms and hands will thank you when you can go down a steep hill with almost no pressure on your hands and when you can accelerate really hard and still be able to hold the grips loosely. learn to use your legs when i started to do that my riding really changed night and day.