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    muay thai. boxing. submission fighting. jiu jitsu. going big and comming up short. eating.
  1. Yamaha

    im 6'2" and went with the tag set up. the clamps move the bars up and away and i also went with the CR high bend. i like it alot.
  2. Yamaha

    i like my hmf.
  3. 215 and durango northside for me. w00t.
  4. Yamaha

  5. i know its a different bike but i also have the 450 yfz. i did a port polish and threw in a 13:5.1 piston. it gained huge snap off the bottom. it dynos at 57 hp (with exhaust and filter and jetting). which means it has more hp than my yz 450 and tons more bark on the bottom. i run c12 from vp and its great. u4 does give a hp extra but its so expensive but if thats no problem then its the way to go. i would think the gains would be similiar in the bike, i know high comp. pistons tend to bump the bottom end considerably.
  6. real men kick. j/k
  7. stock my bike ran horrible. since then i put in the 170/48 combo, on the fly fuel screw and quickshot. teamed up with a pipe and filter it runs like a champ esp. in the dunes.
  8. i paid 6500 OTD back like jan 6th i think. sounds like good prices to me.
  9. post of the year.
  10. are they still racin it backwards? that jumping into the gravity cavity still makes me pucker.
  11. i feel you on the whole getting psyched out/thinkin things over. ive had a few crashes that put me out of comission for a bit. time seemed to fix it for me. if you dont feel like ridin, dont. itll come back to you eventually, but hey sometimes you really do need a break.
  12. ill third that. that bike is ill.
  13. stock is 49. for track and most riding i keep it at that. i threw a 50 on for the dunes for a little extra bottom. did it help? i dunno, but in my head it did so that all that matters right. check out the WB sprockets, they look clean.
  14. Yamaha

    bone stock hill shooting with competant drivers? yfz wins. piped and jetted? depends on how dialed in they really are. change gearing, engine mods, different fuel? its a toss up by the time you get to the track with a track capable bike, its all on you hombre.