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  1. FupidSucker

    Pipe for the 05 crf 250

    so the chm sm1 is the best for motocross mid-top end but does it take Anything away from low end compared to stock? I ride track thats more inbetween supercross and motocross and I find myself needing low end in sections and top end in sections I want a pipe that boosts power everywhere is the chm sm1 for me? i have a 05crf250r too, thanks.
  2. FupidSucker

    would a white bros MX-4 slip on fit on a bills header?

    sombody must know, I dont wanna buy the slip on and have it not fit
  3. hi, I had a bills complete system on my 05crf250r but i smashed the silencer would a white bros mx-4 slip on fit on a bills header and is that a good idea? whats the differnce between the headers on differnt companys?
  4. FupidSucker

    anyone have a pic of a CHM SM1 pipe?

  5. FupidSucker

    JS Crash and why slow afterwards?

    yeah the coverage sucked ass,looks like he best his bars bad.
  6. does anyone have a pic of a CHM sm1 pipe? and is there header pipe big like the WB's or is it like stock?