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  1. not to hijack the thread, but the new x4r's dont come with marzooks do they? ON there website there an addition 500 bucks. the new ones have gpx suspension or something like that .... ??
  2. NewJersey

    ..yes i am also curious. any word?
  3. theres always steals out there. its just about being at the right place at the right time. I find myself looking at craigslist probably about 3-4 times a day.. im sure im not the only one haha
  4. Yea its just you never exactly when your gonna find that steal thats what sucks... the waiting game lol. But i see what your saying. and it is worth it
  5. ok thanks everyone. I just got a little excited.. wishful thinking.. i know it looks like hell but hey.. what ya expect for 150 bucks. I'll have to keep looking for that steal
  6. .. plus i always cover my name up when riding in the trails.... so what they see my number.. prove im the only person in nj with that specific riding number!!!!.
  7. This state is a f'ing joke!!!!!! Lets prosecute people for riding in the only places they can ride, but well take our own sweet time to make a place for them to legally ride!!!
  8. It's a rolling chassis. looks like it needs tires, back brakes, an engine, and obvious cosmetic work, but for $150?! Can anyone identify possibly the brand? with the big bike style swingarm looks decent but idk much about these. Is this a deal to jump on?
  9. this is true... thanks
  10. what particular "stomp" model is that bike? very nice looking btw.
  11. I realize that but i also see that particular frame going for around $2500 new. So i would paynjust shy of 75% cheaper then a new one. If i was to purchase it into a pretty sweet bike... i'd have say a $5 grand fifty for around 2500 or 3 grand... because of how much im saving compared to buying that frame brand new. I am just wondering from someone who has dealt with these things alot, about how much would i have to dump into it to get a decent bike. I know they make a ton of different motors, forks, shocks, tires, wheels, etc, etc. Thats why im here asking the knowlegable...
  12. So i was seriously thinking about getting a mini to join my friends and race around on. I have been riding for a while (07crf250) but never bought a mini. I know someone who is selling a perfect condition BBR perimiter frame for around $800. just the frame and swingarm no suspension. I know how much they cost new, and I was thinking of jumping on the deal. My question is. about how much more do i have to dump into it to have a rideable bike ( Note: i do not need the most expensive motor, forks, rear shock, etc.) just want to make a reliable bike out of this without going overboard. maybe turn it around and make a profit off a sale. i dont know much about fifties or what parts are good or not.... would you do it?
  13. Very nice 2010. Is it me or does that bike look like it sits very low?
  14. any word on a new date scheduled? very hard to find information on this matter....
  15. Definately seems to be a good deal.. shouldnt last long! If you happen to buy it... make sure you post more pics! i would post the pics but dont know how.. maybe someone can help