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  1. getdrunk

    how to burn out on a dirt-bike?

    put some old motor oil on the tire and under it and then try it. it starts spinning alot easier and makes more smoke. thats for pavement
  2. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    whos aviaotor?
  3. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    yeah no sh!t. he could use some practice but he is meen any ways so i dont like him.
  4. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    yeah it did. that was back when i had my honda motor in it like last spring
  5. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    well i smoked the cr250 on my track. he crashed alot in teh woops too and back then i had a table top he fliped over backwords on. funny stuff. then the stupid person i was riding with went in teh dear stand long side my track and was spiting on me as i would go by. i so not cool
  6. getdrunk

    Stupid long muffler!

    heres a pic of a quad muffler i shortend. i dont run it now but it was yaw to loud but good top end. pritty ugly.
  7. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    aftermarket muffler
  8. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    will see. im gona drag race against a piped cr250 so will see
  9. i dont have to pay for alochol. even at bars i dont pay.i find girls and they think im funny and they buy me drinks. cool. o and i buy stuff for my quad every month. i just got a pwr radiator and some other little things this month. i got $110 right now and i should have a nuther $450 coming i nthe mail next week. i also got $1500 in my moms room that i cant spend but i will soon.
  10. getdrunk

    heres my hybrid all dun

    that would work good but i think the 450r motor would be better. b4 i got my 426 motor i was bidding on a xr650 motor but i lost the bid. then i was bidding on ai think its called a gsxr 1100 motor but i lost that one to by 10 dolars. then i found my mootor on exriders .com and baught it. i almost got a ktm525 motor but it sold a day to soon on me.
  11. getdrunk

    Stupid long muffler!

    i went 5 inches shorter on one of my pipes and it got alot louder.
  12. getdrunk

    01 YZ 426 Stalls while jumping

    im having the same problume and dont know why it happens. usualy if i keep on the throtol a little it stays running.
  13. Yeah thats what it is. I got a couple things.
  14. And reck my prita face. No way.
  15. I know that. I got this thing i forgot what it's called but like i spell stuff back words alot.