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    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    I wasnt paying attention when i posted it. Sorry
  2. Just wondering why you never any TC Husqvarna motocross bikes at races. I've raced for 15 years and have seen one. It was a cr 125 at a supercross back in 2002, and it was pretty sweet looking. There are definately none around here. That would be awesome to be the only one in the whole racing organization that runs one, and possibly start a trend.
  3. In that past year, i've had to rotator cuff surgeries, both of them having hardware installed. Apparently i keep returing to work WAY to early. This next week im getting a dye-injected MRI along with EMG testing(any idea what that is?), and the Doc says along with supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendon repair, he will be removing a 1 inch bone spur. Oh and replacing the biceps tendon back in its groove, again. After the second sugery i have noticed my bicep on the injured arm is way bigger that the other arm. It almost looks like theres a balloon in there or something. The Doc referred to it as "popeye syndrome". If you would Dr.Mark, please shed some light on this subject. Im only 26 and will not let this shoulder give me grief, pain, and weakness for the rest of my life. Any suggestions would really make my day. Thanks, Joe Dizzle.
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    Another vid.

  5. 359Supercrosser

    Check it out.Our video

  6. 359Supercrosser

    First Win / First Bad Crash

    Never raced an Arenacross, but have done many Supercrosses, so i guess it''ll take the place of them. I never won any, but got alot of 2nds and 3rds. One that comes to mind was when i was in 125 Novice. I was riding a 1999 CR125(Without a doubt the slowest bike i've ever owned), no matter how good a jump i would get off the gate, that underpowered junker would let me down on the straights. Actually did make me a WAY faster rider because i always had to battle my way through the pack of idiots. Enough rambling, but the SX i remember the most is when i got a 2nd in my qualifier, right on my buddies tail the whole time to boot, and ended up getting 4th in the Main, finishing right behind him again. Finished the series in 2nd in points and was very content. I did about five more Supercrosses in the 2007 season in the 250 B class, only finishing mid pack but getting killer starts, on a Kawi 450 by the way. Motocross on the other hand, i had some good results. My very first win ever i actually got a 1-1 for the day. I was riding a 03 YZ 125, which had nice power so i came outta the first turn in 3rd. There was the really long up hill where i passed for second and caught first. The hill made a 180 and on the way down i passed first, basically held it on longer for the turn. From then on i lead the entire moto, opening up a comfortable lead. I wasn't even nervous. I was riding flawlessly, and it almost seemed easy. I won by atleast 15 seconds. The second moto was pretty much the same. I got another good start and passed the same kid on the uphill this time though. He was on a 250f and i was amazed on how i caught him on the up hill, riding a bone stock yam 125. Once i grabbed the lead i never looked back till the checkers. I will never forget hearing my name on loud speaker, the announcer saying "JT with a one one finish for the day". Throughout the next few seasons i had other wins, but none ever compared to that day. I guess you will always remember your first, kinda like girls. Haven't raced for over a year now due to a couple shoulder operations, but hope to make a return this season racing the 25 plus old man class. It's just to dam hard to say goodbye to the sport you eat, sleep, and breath, for the past 15 years of your life.
  7. 359Supercrosser

    Need info on TC 250's!!

    7602, as luck would have it, i actually live in Pueblo. But have never heard of a dealer here. Do you happen to know where about it is? I know we have a KTM, Honda, and then Rocky Mtn Cycle which sells Kawi,Zooks, and Yami's. I would def be interested in the test ride though thanks for the offer.
  8. 359Supercrosser

    Need info on TC 250's!!

    Is it just me or are the Husky 250 f's bad as$ looking bikes? Never actually seen one in person around here though. Can they compete with the jap 250f's or are they more of a woods bike? I know the TC is the mx version but find it odd that i never seem them at races. I imagine this could be because of the parts availability/cost, and the fact that it's hard to find a dealer. Anyways, Im still recovering from a recent surgery and have a 07 kawi 450. I have been really considering making the switch to the Husky's. I ride 250 B and dont want to set myself up with a bike that not up to par in the racing department. Please shoot me some advice. Thanks
  9. 359Supercrosser

    Rotator cuff surgery for a 3rd time?

    I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries in the last seven months. My last one was on June 18th. My surgeon put me in a sling for only four weeks this time, instead of eight weeks like my first surgery. Some how the sutures completely tore off, and he said it was still tied and the knots didnt come loose. I started therapy, but still have a good amount of pain. My question is, is it really that easy to re-tear the muscle or does it take major heaving lifting or movement to tear it? I hope to get another MRI in the next month or so and hope to god it's not tore again. I really do not want or need to go through this crap a third time in less than a year. Thanks, The one armed bandit.
  10. 359Supercrosser

    Too good to be true???

    Ha! Doofos you beat me to it.Apparently nobody else even noticed it was an 80 or 85. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to steer clear of this deal.
  11. 359Supercrosser

    Hey fellas, having R cuff surgery again.

    Had surgery yesterday. He told me that the old sutures were ripped away. Thi could have been my fault, although i did focus on rehab, i started curling and benching 2 months into healing with more weight than i should have. Also, i may have returned to work too early, only about 3.5 months after the surgery. Im a welding apprentice and use very large heavy grinders which im sure overworked my shoulder. For now, im blaming my own stupidity and not my surgeon. This time im going to pick a non physical job for atleast 6 months just to assure i don't have to go through this again, it's really starting to put a damper on my life style and career.
  12. 359Supercrosser

    Hey fellas, having R cuff surgery again.

    Yes Dr.Mark it is going to be an arthroscopic surgery. I actually believe i had them both done the first time, as i have a 3 to 4 inch vertical scar on my anterior shoulder, and about 6 or 7 half inch slits from the arthro last time. I really am not sure how it was re-tore, as the shoulder was immobile for about three and a half months. Anyways it really hurts and cant stand the weakness too much longer, i hope this surgery fixes it for good.
  13. Whats up guys. I had complete rotator cuff repair about seven months ago. I was still hurtin alot and shoulder was just too weak so i got another MRI. Somehow the Supraspinatus re-tore with a 2 cm tear so im gettin sliced again wednesday. I always wanted to spend half my summer in a sling:cry:
  14. 359Supercrosser

    Sure wish i could ride.

    Had rotator cuff surgery few months back. Doctor says minimum of six months but most likely a full year for recovery.
  15. 359Supercrosser

    Sure wish i could ride.

    Spring is here. Bike is ready. But i cant ride. Im beginning to sleep into a deep state of depression.