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  1. Thx Chris ,i can go to bed now and see the race tommorow
  2. I wil seed from now to tomorrow morning . At night the data is free
  3. Ronald_

    what is this for?

    It is for the vent line from your fuelcap.
  4. What stewart did in anaheim was not intentional ,but no smart move. He was the fastest rider on the track ,but wanted to put things right in one lap. In san diego he has his act together ,patience en then make's his move on the very end. Very clean and so on. And the thing whit mc looks like mc lost it for a second and stewart was just beside him. It was the first turn just out of the gate and then with very high speed.
  5. Hey Chris Where is the encription setting in utorrent, i can't find it.
  6. The last time stewart took mc out. He was overriding his bike and i think it was payback time or so. I haven't seen it in san diego because the torrent is stil running. Stewart was riding good until last week in anaheim he had fallen in the start. And then wanted it to put right in one lap,it is the fastes rider ont the track but has to learn a little patience.
  7. Yes when everbody at least upload the file onces or so it goes pretty quick It is then 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512 you get the idee i think But the first download is slow en then it goes quiker and quiker. sorry about the english ,i hope you all understand
  8. No the only thing is Chris is the only seeder. When other people reach honderd % they become also seeders. And then the speed increases. Torrents is all about sharing ,and it is important to keep your client running. So that other people can dowmload as well.
  9. Thx chris any luck with the anaheim lites from last week?
  10. Ronald_

    sandiego toerrent?

    I hope that Chris is working on it. It takes some time to decode it too
  11. real audio is working ,only somewhat out of sync. wpm has no problem's
  12. When the first downloaders become seeders. And they keep their computers running it goes pretty quick. Thanks anyway from the Netherlands It is the only way we can see supercross around here. Keep up the good work Chris
  13. Thanks Chris for the torrents. And the 700mb version is much better ,as the 300mb version. I am seeding every night de torrents i have.