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  1. 2000_kx250

    brake probs with 2000 kx250

    any other suggestiins any i need to get this darn thing fixed... thanks
  2. 2000_kx250

    brake probs with 2000 kx250

    well they work somewhat, would that still mean the pistons are stuck.. i might just have to flush and bleed them...
  3. 2000_kx250

    brake probs with 2000 kx250

    i recently replaced the pads and put on a new rotor.. heres the prob i now have no lever pressure hardly i tried opening the bleeder to get the air out it help a little, but when i pull the lever it feels not that stiff and the tire wheel moves when i try to push it when iam holding the lever in... any suggestion that will cure this... thanks kevin
  4. 2000_kx250

    Radiator Guards

    to tell u the truth works connection makes god ones and i think there only about 50$$ for a set of 2 from www.motosport.com....
  5. what would be the best all around pipe for a kx250, its a 2000. would the fmf fatty work or the procircut platinum 2 pipe work better. remember this is for all around power any suggestion greatly appreciated...
  6. 2000_kx250

    Help Diagnosing an issue!!

    imo it is just the fact that it is a 125 they hardly pull they are not that powerfull... try fanning the clutch to get the rpms up and if u dont feel the power just except the fact that it is a little 125 lol........
  7. 2000_kx250

    KX 85 (or 100) Rear Breaks ?

    do they fell stiff or is it really easy to press down... if its easy then ur fluid might be low or its bad. try bleeding it and if not it could be your pads or a bent rear rotor.. most likely the fluid though.... hope that helps you out
  8. 2000_kx250

    Stupid Dirtbike Riders

    yea its always the rednecks that ruin something isnt it...... lol
  9. 2000_kx250

    question about graphics

    ok thanks a million man i had no idea
  10. 2000_kx250

    complete plastic kit for my 2000 kx250

    alright man i will thanks
  11. 2000_kx250


    i got a 2000 kx250 the only thing i hate about it is that the lever is weird feeling when i pull it in going down hills.. it tends the want to move in and out when im holding it in. i had someone look at it and the rotor is bent but no to bad.. and the fluid was clear so i dont know what the problem is... other than that is is one powerfull bike and can pop the wheels like nothing once ur in the powerband and is a reliable bike for me so far, tends to eat ALOT of gas though
  12. 2000_kx250


    go to buykawasaki.com for stock parts and u tell you the truth im not thinking u will have much success finding after market parts since it is about 28 years old... hope that might help you out
  13. 2000_kx250

    question about graphics

    ok well i found monster graphics for an 01 kx250.. and my question is will they fit on my 2000 kx 250 cause in my opinion they look exactly the same as to body style wise.. but what do u guys think will they work or not. there worth the shot though.... anyways thanks to anyone that can help me
  14. 2000_kx250

    complete plastic kit for my 2000 kx250

    nah if i buy anything its everything together nothing missing. thanks anyways