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  1. ccm1

    DS80 crankcase sealer

    Thanks for the info SuzyQ ,Good tip, it may come in handy for the next one.
  2. ccm1

    DS80 crankcase sealer

    Hey fellas, I willing to learn !! Can you expand on the "old penny trick" for the next time. I have bearing pullers.
  3. ccm1

    DS80 crankcase sealer

    Hey zig06, I 'm sorry I wasn't more explicit with my post. On this '89 DS80 I've replaced both left and right crank seals. The left hand seal is easily replaced from the outside but the right side requires splitting the cases to change out the right hand one. While the engine was open, it got a through cleaning and I've also replaced a badly worn kick starter shaft and lever. I do have the complete gasket/seal set but don't know if there's a preferred sealer for the cases. So I was just wondering what to use. Thanks for any info. Cooter
  4. ccm1

    '89 Suzuki DS 80 leak down test

    Well I've finally got around to closing up the DS80 crankcases after repairs and now wonder if there is a preferred sealant such as Yamabond or ?? Cooter
  5. ccm1

    DS80 crankcase sealer

    I'm ready to close up the crankcase halves on this DS80 and wondering if there is a preferred sealant such as Yamabond or ?? Thanks for any info.
  6. ccm1

    '89 Suzuki DS 80 leak down test

    Hey pismowr, thanks for the info. Just what I was looking' for . Good timing !!
  7. Fellas, I have been looking everywhere for the float level specs for a "89 DS 80. Any info available here? Thanks in advance for any info. Cooter
  8. ccm1

    '89 Suzuki DS 80 leak down test

    I finally got around splitting the DS 80 engine and sure enough the right side seal was ruined. I've replaced crank seals years a go on other bikes but I haven't seen any that were actually destroyed ! The left side seal is clean and tight as new ( I will replace it ) but I wonder why the one seal would fail so badly ? I've also been looking for the correct setting for the carb float. I think it would be a couple of smidgens below the bowl-to-body joint. Of course that is with the carb level and using the bowl drain hose up beside the body. Anyone have the proper figure ? Thanks for any info. Cooter
  9. ccm1

    '89 Suzuki DS 80 leak down test

    Thanks for the reply Krannie, I suspected a seal problem but when the crankcase wouldn't hold ANY pressure, and what air I pumped in went right out the tranny vent, I thought I better get a second opinion. I haven't ran across such a massive leak (zero pressure) even though I've worked on bikes for years, mostly 4 strokers but then again at 70yr's I may have forgotten !! Cheers
  10. I'm a new member here I've found lots of good info in this forum. I'm having a problem with a 1989 Suzuki DS 80 which will start choke on, and then over revs and with choke released it dies. The only way to keep it running is to modulate the choke. The carb has been thoroughly gone over and is in good condition. As a further check I did leak down test and it failed badly. Any air pressure I applied at intake port exited from the,what I believe is, the transmission vent port which is on the left engine casing. Would anyone have any info on this situation?? Any advice is welcome.
  11. ccm1

    Kazuma carb problem

    Hello Spencer, thanks for the reply but the fellow I was doing the repair for decided to buy a new carb online. He installed it and that cured the problem. The whole machine itself had seen better days. I think it will become a lifetime project. Thanks again Cheers
  12. ccm1

    Atv Kazuma carb problem

    I,m working on a 110 Kazuma ATV with carb problems. It has a PZ19 carb and it is running very rich at idle and the idle mixture screw does not respond any adustment . I've had the carb off, striped and cleaned it (it was very dirty) . One question I have concerns the idle mixture screw. Any ones I've seen have a relatively long thin taper but this does have a short taper and a flat end. I wonder if anyone could confirm if that is correct. I do not see how it can meter the idle mixture as the "blunt end" cannot enter the fuel passage. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Craig
  13. ccm1

    BSA 441s

    new member from Ontario Canada. Anyone still using the 441 beezer's for competition or off-road fun? How about the 441 Shooting Star for road use?Are there any active ones around? Craig