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  1. Well I had to re tap the drain plug hole. still leaks so maybe new plug is alittle small? anyways now I am having overheating issues. While going up an incline water pretty much boils right out the top of the radiator and out the drain tube. Do i need to flush the radiator? or could it be the water pump? help me out here guys oh ya and the bike, before i got it, hada 426 head put on
  2. matt_sta71

    New to the YZ 400

    Hey thanks guys for the comments. Helps out alot! Jeez tried to drain the oil this morning and the guy i bought the bike from must of put 8,000 lb of torque on that drain plug. haha Not to mention the plug was already stripped. So we had a hell of a time trying to get that plug out. Finally got it out to find that the drain hole is all stripped out. So now I have to figure out what to do next! Welcome to the world of motorcycles huh! haha
  3. matt_sta71

    New to the YZ 400

    Well I just bought my first bike and i like it for the most part!( except for the little hard to start issue!) haha Anyway guys I have a bunch of questions but I'll ask just one tonight....Is it normal for the header pipe to glow red hot after running the bike? If anyone coulf help I'd appreciate it. matt