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  1. subestol12

    cheap big bore kit

    so in the end which is your best bet if you wanna install yourself, spend the least, and not have a crap product?
  2. subestol12

    Pitster Pro VS. KLX 110

    where can you get a pitster for 1699? everywhere ive seen it its been like 1899. im thinking of ordering from killer motorsports, they seem like a good company. i havent heard anything of their SQUIRT bike? that looks like a decent bike too i might be interested in that.
  3. subestol12

    new throttle wheel for fcr carb

    thanks eddie.. do you have the actual part no. from sudco. cant find it, when i click on Diagram & Parts i get an error
  4. subestol12

    new throttle wheel for fcr carb

    thats what i was thinking but i have to take carb on and off for jetting reasons. that means ill have to grind it off every time.. any other ideas or where i can get a replacement throttle wheel??
  5. subestol12

    new throttle wheel for fcr carb

    where can i find an aftermarket wheel that will fit? and are they easy to replace?
  6. subestol12

    new throttle wheel for fcr carb

    i accidentally broke the tab in the middle of the two holes where the throttle cables go on the wheel.. do i need a whole new throttle wheel or is there and easier fix.. ill rig it if i have to just dont want it to be permanent bc im gonna have to remove the carb a couple times to get the jetting right.. any help is appreciated. thanks guys
  7. haha personally i love shootin flames.. i bring my cbr out at nite and shoot em for fun.. i think i may have found the culprit though... the vaccuum line was not connected to the petcock.. sound like that could be it?
  8. only other thing i did was change the needle to the emn and put the clip in third space from flat end. it seems to me like everything is snug. i dont think i have any carb cleaner.
  9. from what i can tell it is.. also i took out the slow air jet. i read that im supposed to take that out. i did however not touch the air/fuel screw. forgot about it until it was all together. ??
  10. hey just got finished installing my fcr-mx kit from tt. 2005 sm w/ full rs-3, 3x3. started her up and once it got running turned off the choke and i look down the header is GLOWING RED, noticed it was backfiring loud and i look back and every time it backfires it shoots flames about a foot out of the exhaust. did i mess someting up or is that normal?
  11. subestol12

    sm doing weird things on highway. help!

    i have the dj needle in
  12. first off i have an 05 sm full rs-3, 3x3, dj jet kit. i was riding on the highway yesterday for about 35 minutes. the thing sounded like it was about to blow up going like 80-85 which is probably more like 70-75 (closer to the speed limit). but every time i let off the gas a little it sounded like it wanted to stall out... also it started to jerk a little bit if i wasn't ON the throttle. any ideas what this is?
  13. subestol12

    help tranny trouble

    im experiencing the same thing on my 05 sm and has done it since the day i got it.... doesnt matter what gear and only happens occasionally but its always under a big load, when im passing a car or sumthing. it feels like it either slips or revs out and then goes back to normal.. i thought it was the kickstand switch too so i took it off, no luck tho it still happens.. any ideas??
  14. subestol12

    Contiforce 150 rear on stock SM wheel?

    yeah i have the pilot power 160 fits great. no rub at all. love the tire
  15. is this for every bike sm too?