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  1. LTZ rider

    ltr 450 question

    I heard the cams wake it up even more. Suzuki has a thing where you could send out the motor and get the same work that team suzuki yoshimura has but that can get a little costly. The PIM that ur talking about is almost the same as the cherry bomb but it allows you to program specfically for what your doing.
  2. LTZ rider

    06/07 LTR450 Riders/Owners

    If honda's are so good why are people switching to suzuki?? i guess they want to win.
  3. LTZ rider

    ltr 450 question

    First thing you should do is get a cherry bomb.
  4. LTZ rider

    Yamaha HELPPPP with hipers!!!!!

    I just got dual beadlock hipers for my quad and am having trouble installing them. does anybody know how to install them or haqve any pics to help me out??? any help will be great!! thanks
  5. LTZ rider

    Honda Help with hipers!!!!!!!

    I just got dual beadlock rear hipers for my quad. the instructions are vague and the pictures are too small. does anybody know how to install the rims or have any pics to help me out??? thanks
  6. LTZ rider

    Suzuki steering stabilizer help!!!

    I own an ltr-450 and just bought a gibson steering stabilizer. Is there any soecific way to put it on?? Does it have to bolt onto the frame or can it bolt to the bumper?? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you have any pictures too post them please!! thanks
  7. LTZ rider

    anyone tried the HMF Ironman pipe.

    My brother has the ballance pipe which is pretty much the same thing but a different name. It runs good and has more mid range. Also HMF has a carbon fiber heat shield that you can purchase that clamps on the exhaust so you dont burn your pants.
  8. LTZ rider

    Stronger Valve Springs??

    The noise your bike is making isnt the valves probably, its the cam chain tensioner. I have owned 3 LTZ's and after putting so many hours on it you get this noise that sounds like the valves but its not.
  9. LTZ rider

    LT-R450...What performance mods to get?

    you could take the silencer out of the stock pipe or get an after market...your best bet would have to be the yoshi.
  10. LTZ rider

    07/06 QuadSport Z400

    good choice there fast reliable quads. they are a carb. system too
  11. LTZ rider

    '06 ltz400 jetting

    To get to the fuel mixture screw you have to use a small drill bit and drill through it. Stop right when you get through it,the brass plug is very small!!! I made the mistake of drilling to far. What a pain!!
  12. LTZ rider

    suzuki lt-r450

    Yea no that's wrong. You need to read your dirtwheels again. 450r then YFZ then LTR450. pg. 110 & 112
  13. LTZ rider

    suzuki lt-r450

    The LTR is the slowest out of the three but only by a couple mph. The 450r is the fastest then comes the YFZ then the LTR.
  14. LTZ rider

    Suzuki killswitch help!!!!!!!

    I have a emgo killswitch for my 2005 LTZ 400 and are unable to get it working by following the provided instructions. Do you have any suggestions on what to do???? Any imput will be very helpful!! thanks
  15. LTZ rider

    Suzuki widening my Z

    I have a 2005 LTZ and are looking to widen it for racing. I'm looking for +2 a-arms that use stock shocks because I dont have enough money for aftermarket. I was wondering what were good a-arms. I am on a tight budget too so the cheaper the better. Any imput will be helpful. thanks