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  1. i'll try the feul screw my bike doesn't have stock jetting i never had the proublem befor and i didnt cange anything
  2. my bike runs great but if i put it in neutral or pull the clutch in while i'm moving it dies i can start it right back up and keep the clutch in or neutral when its not moving and it's fine. any ideas?
  3. mine has the jd jet kit in it now. what is a quickshot
  4. my bike runs great but some times when i'm sitting with the clutch in and give it a quick shot of gas it dies. and the other day when i went off a jump and puled the clutch in it died and did the same thing like 3 more time that day. is this a jetting prob or what can cause it
  5. were can i get graphics made
  6. my girls bike is a 01 with all black plastics and she wants some nice graphics and seat cover with no red in it. any idea of were i can find something?