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  1. What is the best shock for a stock swingarn CRF70?
  2. Cool I will check those out.
  3. I was also wondering if you can do long wheelies with a clutch or do you need a the handbrake? P.S See ya this weekend bro
  4. Tell us how it goes!
  5. That is so cool?
  6. I would like to start doing freestyle
  7. I want a playbike to just ride around the neighborhood but no racing. Maybe some freestyle.
  8. Is it more useful to have a clutch or a brake ont he handlebars
  9. Is there a maual clutch that you can get for a CRF70? Or would I be better off getting the rear brake instead? What do you do with thw foot activated rear brake if you get a hand one?
  10. What is the first mod a CRF70 needs?
  11. How much does it weight?
  12. Which is better just as a fun bike?
  13. Is a hydraulic clutch alot of work?
  14. What mods do you have on yours?
  15. Is this a better bike to cutomize into a pit bike than a CRF50?