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  1. wonknobby

    86' XL250 headlight diagram

    thank you that was much needed:ride:
  2. wonknobby

    86' XL250 headlight diagram

    i'm working on a 86' XL250. all my lights work except the headlight. i checked the bulb and it still works, i'm getting continuity from the switch to the wires at the bulb. i'm not getting 12v at the switch though, which lead me to the 3 connectors under the "dash" or the piece next to the ignition. does anyone one know which terminals are for power coming in? there are about 20 different configurations and i cant seem to trouble shoot any further. I know the red connector is the one for the headlight set-up, and it seems odd that the headlight is the only light not working, its also not turning on the "high beam" indicator when i switch from low to high. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. wonknobby

    xr 600 rpm on the street

    yea the manual says their good till 8000 rpm but i NEVER run @ that for extended periods of time. the cruisers only run @ low rpms b/c there bike is designed to do so. our bikes are DIRT bikes, thus being hard accelerating quick and nimble bikes set to go 70 mph:ride: , yes with different gearing an such you can change it but nothing will compare to changing gears in the tranny. i'm running 15/43 and around prolly 5000 to 6000 @ 60mph. of course she will go more but only when i need it.
  4. wonknobby

    Valves louder after adjustment???

    loud valve usually = too loose
  5. wonknobby

    Supertrapp Slip-on

    i'm running 10 discs and yes this pipe is loud, it has a nice THUMP to it especially @ idle and letting off the throttle when you have engine braking:banana:
  6. so i installed a electronic flasher but that still didn't fix the problem. from what i hear i though a electronic flasher should work almost no matter what, b/c if u you use them for LED's which have almost NO draw, wouldn't an electronic one work? but i know the electronic one wont even flash the signals, with the 552 flasher i can flash them but only with the lights off. what brianhare is saying makes sense, i cant flash them with out enough power going to it, but would it just flash and dim the lights? when i had less wattage bulbs in my headlight, my flasher would work, BUT the lights would dim (barley). i'm just trying to find a way i can make them flash, be it a special flasher unit or something, any ideas?
  7. wonknobby

    A/C reg. work as main fuse?

    i'm curious to know if my A/C regulator on my 93' XR600 works as a fuse. I ask this b/c if i was to ever short circuit somehow, what theoretically keeps me from hurting my stator if there is no fuse to blow?
  8. aesome, i have an electronic flasher sitting on the bench so i'll have to give it a try. i am alittle confused on how some of you say the signals don't draw enough for the flasher to work, b/c it works fine with the lights off, OR with the stock 35w headlight bulbs. i never had a problem until i installed these 75watters.
  9. so heres a new one. now that i have my 75watter bulbs in my headlight, (75watts each, and there 2). i'm using 150w of my usuable 200w stator. now i noticed that when my bike has the headlights on, my blinkers don't seem to want to come on, as if my headlights and taillights are drawing too much. i came to this conclusion only b/c with the headlights off, they work fine. but what i'm wondering, is there some other kind of flasher, maybe an electronic one, or a relay set-up that i can wire in to make them work. as of right now i'm only using a standard $2 flasher. what makes me wonder is why dont the flashers work and they just dim the head light?
  10. wonknobby

    XR 650R SM Conversion

    hahah this list could go on forever 1.rear brakes 2. forks 3. body ( different fenders and such) 4. pretty much anything you want to do, its your imagination
  11. wonknobby

    xr600 with yz fork conversion

    yea sure, i have a set off from a yz125. what i did was i bought new headset bearings for my xr600. then i took a die grinder and removed material from the inner race until the bearings would fit sung over the stem of the yz front end. to the point that you would think you'll destroy the inner race, and i say almost b/c if you go crazy you'll blow right though. . i couldn't find ANYONE who had a bearing with the xr o.d. for the neck and the yz I.D. for the stem b/c the tolerances were SOOOOOO close. but it worked and has been working for some time now, wheelies, jumps, curbs, you name it, and they work fine. if you need any more detailed info just let me know, i'll be interested to ee how it comes out since i don't know of anyone else who has yahama forks on their xr:thumbsup:
  12. wonknobby

    to tard or not to tard an XLR250R? please help

    i say go for it. i'm also looking for a set of nija 250 or equivalent wheels to put on my xr200. i think the wide wheels would be nice, but i want to try some other ones.
  13. wonknobby

    XR650R Chain Guide w/ 5" Wheel

    i had to cut my rear chain guard down to fit my 5" rim. other wise i had NO chain adjustment. sorry for the blurry pic
  14. wonknobby

    Rubber Mounted Rear Sprockets ?

    umm you shouldn't be going through chains and sprockets so fast check your tension. but yea a cush drive can be done. i removed it from my cbr wheels b/c i needed the extra 1/8" for clearance and you dont really need a cush drive for these light weight dirtbike , though many older small xr's had them, its all preference, some prefer it other dont'. i would like to build a set of wheels that have it just to try it out. i mean it can't hurt anything right:thumbsup: but pretty much it's a piece that goes into the hub, which has rubber peice behind it inside the wheel, and the sprocket mounts to the "insert". this cush drive will rest on those rubbers, thus being a cushion for your sprocket. and now that i just finished typing this long ass post, i think you were asking if there was something BESIDES a cush drive or an equivalent, in that case i don't know sorry:banghead:
  15. wonknobby

    What did you do to your pig today?

    trimmed left number plate, and removed the right one completely for a more "open" look. next is fitting that gixxer exhaust:bannana: