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    Separated shoulder-How long till riding again?

    Dr Mark and others I appreciate your responses thus far.... misery loves company I would like to solicit responses from those that pushed/elected to have surgery for thier shoulder separation injury. I've come to understand that since the early 90's/late 80's most of injuries that are type III or less severe aren't treated with surgery. I'm concerned no amount of PT will return the joint/area to original strength. It looks like riding again is a given, if I'm diciplined on the rehab/PT portion of this. How about weights....I'm thinking about the deadlifts I did just two weeks ago, and I just can't see my left shoulder taking that again. I'm just a novice lifter, it's just something I like to do......I just hate the idea of PT/rehab for 2-3 months, just to realize I needed to press for surgery from the get go. Your thoughts from those that have had the surgery.... Dr. Mark, thank you for the website link.
  2. The ER is calling it a Class 3 AC separation. I plan on Googling that till I find out what it is. Will have to wait for the mil health care system to generate an appointment with an Ortho type to get a better diagnosis later this week. My question to the forum is....How long have you seen these things take to heal? Me=33 yr old male, good-excellent health, lift weights with regular aerobic exercise, etc. The get off was made at about 20 mph off a WRF400 jumping a 4' berm. This was iteration #3 and was really "gettin' into it" (for me at least) for this one, got nose low after the jump, and went over the bars on landing (if you could call it that). Left hand, left forearm, head, and then left shoulder was the order of impact. Gear was Helmet/gloves/Alpine Tech4s.....no shoulder/chest protector though. I would venture to speculate that it might not of made much of difference, feel free to speculate. Rockgardn suite here I come once this is healed up. The WR400 was purchased to develop skills for the KTM 950 off road, and to satisfy a dirt riding itch that hasn't been getting scratched since my teen years. Itch still present. Would like to hear from others that have had a similar experience, whether they went "conservative", no surgery, or "aggressive" had surgery, and how thier range of motion, strength, quirkiness of thier shoulder as compared to prior to the injury. Thanks. Link to xray http://autorotate.smugmug.com/photos/56045008-L.jpg
  3. autorotate

    People over 30 still ridin dirt

    33 yrs crusty and just started after a 14 year military induced hiatus. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. The consumption of several margaritas accentuated the "fog of war", and contributed to my inability to check "male" on the poll with my age. I apologize. Not really...... the margaritas are almost as good as the dirt bike riding. Picked up a '99 WR400 and it's plenty of bike, something hopefully my profienciey will let me grow into. The starting ritual has been therapeutic... Dirt riding...what a great way to blow off steam. I found the few skills I picked up so far (no, not the crashing ones) transfer well, and lead to hooligan like activities on the KTM 950. Look forward to gleaning some wisdom from the sages on this forum. Later.