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  1. dirk379worcs

    2011 x250f headshake problem

    Ever considered running a GPR stabilizer?
  2. dirk379worcs

    Damn Stewart

    When does this become terrorism? When is he going to back the throttle off and ride at a pace that he can while not endangering himself, and others. All i can say is i'm glad he won't be in the outdoors...
  3. dirk379worcs

    oil spewing from breather tube

    I had this problem using Maxima synblend, i used it because it was a little cheaper than the castrol r4, and i figured i was going to change it after an hour of ride time anyways. Well, i switched back to the castrol r4, and have never had a problem.
  4. dirk379worcs

    DNA hubs/wheels for sale on e-bay

    My set should be sent out today. I went with black rims/gold hubs. I'm not too worried, take care of them, check spoke torque specs often, and riiiide. 499 shipped? Tough to beat, I've had excel's in the past, so i have something to compare them to as well. But again, a friend got them about a month ago, and they look great. Pictures of broken spokes/rims don't really do much talking either, as you can find the same pictures of excel wheels or whatever you think is the cream of the crop.
  5. Will be an interesting night of racing, woke up this morning to about 4" of snow. I'm about 20 miles south of the stadium. but i can't imagine the conditions being much better up there. Should make things interesting, as it could be anyones race with these conditions.
  6. dirk379worcs

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here's my tard that i rode to work today, still a bit chilly in the mornins' Since this pic, i've relocated the license plate. 2008 Drz400sm 4472 miles Yosh RS2 JD Jet Kit K&N Filter Zeta hand guards with turn signals Spider SLX Grips Rear blinkers located right behind side plates (hard to see in pic) Edge tail light/lplate holder Swing arm decalsa for more oomph off the line. Stock front tire soon to change Rear Contiforce
  7. dirk379worcs

    I need some advice from you guys really bad

    If it's just a crack under the shifter, i would definitely try it before replacing cases.
  8. dirk379worcs

    I need some advice from you guys really bad

    You can get new cases on ebay for 379 shipped. I have an 07, and earlier this year i replaced both cases, every bearing, seal, clutch push rod, clutch basket/inner hub (used), ended up being around $650. I did it all in my garage, and it was my first time pulling apart the engine, not tought if you have patience, organization skills, and cyclepedia of course. I contimplated about parting it out and picking up something newer, but honestly, you won't find an 08+ bike for under 2500-3k. Okay maybe you can, people like to argue to no end on here, but either way, you are still getting a USED bike, that will most likely need motor work sooner than later. Less used bikes will sell for a lot more than that as well. Also look at the bike in a whole, mine is super clean, had fresh tires, fresh forks, low hours, so i clearly wasn't ready to put it in the grave for a small engine repair. I wouldn't dump $650-1000k into a bike for cases thats going to need head work, piston/cylinder within a year. Another option is to buy all your oem parts from rockymountain or somewhere similar, i garauntee your dealer is charging you retail price, which is asinine. Once you get all your parts, find somewhere with cheaper labor rates to build it. Heck check your local classifieds, i betcha there are great in home mechanics who would do it for half the price. Changing cases isn't as big of a deal as most make it out to be, at least i didn't think so. Anyhow, back to work.
  9. I've rode a few katooms and really never understood why so many people are into them. It's been a while, in 06 a few friends and I did a charity open Pro GP team enduro race, and got supplied a "race ready" 400exc? (cant remember the exact model, they have way too many of them) by the local KTM dealer who sponsored us and paid our entry. But anyways, there were 3 of us riding the bike and alternating every 5 loops (somewhere around 40 min). I rode first, holeshotted and led a good portion of the mx section, got out into the offroad, fuel line half came 1/2 way off the carb. So it was still getting some fuel but running like crap. I pulled off to see if i could fix it after bogging and almost killing myself in a long sandy whoop section. I gave it a look over, couldn't see anything, started inspecting the wiring/kill switch, noticed slight wetness on the carb, pushed the line on as far as i could, came back from the first loop so behind from the problems, I went into the pits, team was asking what was wrong, being polite and in a hurry i just said, the fuel line came off, im riding my 250f, hopped on it and caught up to 4th (6 teams) before my time was up. There wasn't a rule about bikes or multiple bikes, we were up agains 450's and 300 2 strks, i had a disadvantage power wise but it didn't bother me. It was unpredictable, heavy, and hard to ride fast for me. Next rider took the 400 (owns ktms), didn't have problems, but when he got in he told our friend the next rider up to ride my bike. I know that fluke probably doesn't happen often, and it's not the reason i dislike them. I've ridden 4 or 5 different katooms and sadly, never once did i hop off thinking dang that's a sweet bike. People who hop on my kxf, coming from whatever brand/bike almost always fall in love. Set up could play a big part, but until i get a free orange bike, i won't tinker with one to find out.
  10. dirk379worcs

    Will the AMA take action on JS7

    AMA probably doesn't care, free publicity.
  11. dirk379worcs

    What is an 06 Pro Circuit bike worth?

    If you were local, I would pay $4k for it. Do these guys put ad's up for their old bikes? or is it a word of mouth and who you know kind of deal?
  12. dirk379worcs

    Speed and the BJ they gave JS7

    Genius of the day right here.
  13. dirk379worcs

    Cracked Gearbox - Need Help

    I feel your pain. Just replaced both case halves, bearings and seals. Not fun, and not cheap.
  14. dirk379worcs

    Can u wheelie a stock SM sitting down?

    I could wheelie it stock with the clutch from a slow roll, but really you can do that with about any bike if you have the technique down. The Yosh Rs-2, 3x3 mod, jd jet kit, and k&n filter completely changed the dizzer. The motor rips now, i can wheelie 1-3 gear no problem. I still use the clutch to get it up to the balance point, but once your in it, it takes little power. Also be smart as to where you wheelie
  15. dirk379worcs

    07 Motor/clutch/trans Issues-TBA

    Update. Got all the bearings and seals in the new cases. Problem, I didn't order the idler counter shaft, and it looks like it's press fitted into the case. The original right case is 100% free from damage, i cleaned out the bearings with parts cleaner, re lubed them, they spin freely, and are tight. The right side case also has the vin engraved into it, the new case does not. While this doesn't bother me really, it's just kind of a "id rather have it engraved than blank" issue to talk my self into re-using the right case. It doesn't have too many hours on it, and I could sell the new right case half, bearings, and seals to get some money back to put into other areas of the bike. What are your guys' thoughts on re-using the right case with the fresh left case?