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  1. macdaddyo

    Sherco or Gas Gas or Montesa?

    Micah did you live in the south a few years ago??
  2. macdaddyo

    What brand is better?

  3. macdaddyo

    Anyone got a KX65?

    my bike is an '03 not a '02 ...there are some differences the holey(sc) grail of rims is the 28 hole 2.25 (?) wide .. but those are HARD to find and MAY not be any better. my front is a rear rim laced w bucannon (sp) spokes just call em up and tell em what your doing in the south east mini racing association ..... http://www.semra.org/ ... i can run in F2 w 4strokes up to 125 (I think ?) and gp85 (2smoke 85s)which they tell me Ill be reasonably competitive
  4. macdaddyo

    smaller wheels

    my kx 65 tard has 12in front and rear dunlop and bridgestone make good rubber in this size what bike is it?
  5. macdaddyo

    Anyone got a KX65?

    yep ...got an 02 motard no less Ive only had it bout a month but have made several converts already, everybody that rides it is amazed at the power (for a 65) and not so pipey that its hard to ride. its mostly stock ...torque spacer ...12in wheels...way over preloaded springs.. I'm 200lbs in leathers but it will do 3rd gear wheelies no problem its a hoot and WAY cheaper than roadracing.
  6. macdaddyo

    kx 60

    Who did your springs? I'm doing the same thing to a kx so far Ive laced up a 12in front rim ,shorter dog bones ,stiffer (but not stiff enough) rear spring .... did you do any thing to your front brake? if it had a little more brake that would be nice was the tall seat a big help ? I'm also 200lb and 6 feet tks troy