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  1. gomxracing

    busted humerous

    thats whats going on....... rehab starts soon for range of motion thank you on opinion just was first time......on a fracture with/out a pin/rod, for me. just seems like a slow way around chris.
  2. gomxracing

    busted humerous

    here`s one Findings: there is a comminuted fracture involving the neck of the right humerus.there is also an oblique fracture involving the mid shaft of the right humerus. there is a slight medial and superior displacement of the distal fracture fragment. the humeral head does not appear to be dislocated. right AC joint appears to be intact. Clavicle is intact. see photo, they would not pin or plate it .... i get to wait ...........bummer
  3. gomxracing

    06 CRF450r front end pushing

    make sure the head/tree bearings move as free as you can get them..(regrease them) i had one going away<bearing>(from water/rust) ..once i noticed it and fixed it.....my bike turned like a completely different bike (06) amazed me ,, (i shook my head once i fixed it, could not believe the Difference ) as well as checking what was mentioned in prior posts..
  4. gomxracing

    TT CRF AZ Rider Day...

    I just wanted to say it was a fun event......and went off well...... lots of give aways too i recieved a tire myself .was perfect..... thanks allot thumper talk........ Great job GoMXracing.com Chris Fosso CMFosso@gomxracing.com