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  1. Are they Yokohomas if not what brand are they
  2. Im pretty sure any body that shows up with studs they are home made since i have found no body that sells them even our ice racing tires are home made or the ones you buy have screws in them
  3. It looks like the spring and pin for the shift position sensor
  4. Washington

    Yep raced there in early 70's before it was a moto track! it used to be a fun scrambles track!
  5. Its suppose to have oil there . i doubt the chain guides are shot the first thing the cam chain weres through is the reed valve for the crank.
  6. Yellow and whit should go to regulater then yellow out will power lights
  7. There will be a go around for those who can't do it.it will just take a little longer.
  8. Just got back from finale lay out course is aprox 3-3.5 miles long. :ride: .
  9. Get your teams ready should be big fun! and its close to home.
  10. Frost bite is at the old site for sat.the new site is across HWY28 from the 100 site not many rocks over there.
  11. All virgin terrain in the scrub land good warm up for the 100!!!!
  12. You can use one bike per rider the course is going to be fairly easy the enduro cross might be a little challenging for some but makeable .
  13. Washington

    He's riding my 250f.
  14. Pull the stator cover off and mak shure the bolt holding the stator or pulsor are tite they come loose and do damage. they will rub on the stator and tear it up contaminating the oil. the metal clutch plat are steal and shoudn't hurt the oil.
  15. The early recluse didn't have much spring presure to push the slave back in when the engine wasn't running. so pumping the clutch would push the pistons out the end of the slave. put a rubberband on the lever when parked to hold it in.so it cant be pumped out the end.or put a newer recluse or stock clutch in it.