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  1. Skrugs

    Any CAN-AM DS 650 Owners????????

    How do the front A-arm mounted finders work? Do they keep alot of "STUFF" off you and the machine? I was thinking about mounting them on my Polaris Outlaw. Thanks, Brian
  2. Next time I will try the charcoal. The petcocks are closed. I will take Pard's advice, turn the gas off and run the engine until it dies. No gas in carb, no overflow. The floor is lunolium (splg). Thanks for your input, Skrugs
  3. Charcoal?? What do you do with it?
  4. We use our enclosed trailer to haul the toys, then we sleep in it at night. The last time out one of the bikes leaked gas. Long story short, we had to get a motel room because of the smell. Does anyone have a method of getting the smell out or some how covering it up. Thanks, Skrugs
  5. Skrugs

    Visiting New Mexico. Where to ride???

    Is it hunting season during Thanksgiving? Can you hunt in Lincoln Natl. Park.?? Brian
  6. Skrugs

    Visiting New Mexico. Where to ride???

    Fargorider, Thank you for the info. I need to find the NM DNR web site and get more info. Thanks, Brian
  7. My wife's Mom and sister live near Nogal and Capitan. I'm bringing some 4 wheelers and my XR 400 down over Thanksgiving. All are 100% stock, so the exhaust should be OK for all parks. Do I need out of state reg.? Where can we ride? Forest roads? Any help would be great. Thank you, Brian
  8. Skrugs

    Help selling my XR 400

    Trade N times is cheap enough, I will try that. Never been to Craig's List. Will look at that avenue. KBB is not accurate when our selling something, but when you are buying, it is right on. The Dealers live buy it. Thanks for your advice. Skrugs
  9. Skrugs

    Help selling my XR 400

    No offense taken. Kelly Blue Book is $3500. There is a 2004 on E-bay right now with a "Buy it now" for $4100. What could you get in a '05 or '06 for that price????? Comp. to a XR 400. Thanks.
  10. Skrugs

    Help selling my XR 400

    I am trying to sell my XR 400. I listed it on this site for 10 days, no takers. Tried E-Bay, the highest bid for my 2004 was $2400. Were else could I list it with good exposure. I live in the Minneapolis MN. area. Thank you, Skrugs
  11. Skrugs

    I need Help from Michigan Riders

    My friend has rode his 4 wheeler all over in the Munising area. We are planing a trip there in Sept. I will be the only Bike of eight 4 wheelers. What do I need to do to ride legal on Fire Roads and ditches? Are there trails in that area? Thank you, Brian
  12. I have checked UFO, Maier, and Acberis. Nothing. Any suggestions. I would like to stay away from Yamaha. (OEM) Thank you. Skrugs
  13. Skrugs

    I cant wait for this....!!!!

    NYMXer. You don't need a battery for FI. Arctic Cat snowmobiles have had the tech. for years. Suzuki makes there engines. FYI
  14. Skrugs

    PW 80 Info

    Perfect. I will do that and see what happens. Thank you.
  15. Skrugs

    PW 80 Info

    Mine is a 1985..........