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    06 yfz jetting problems

    i have a 05 with a full yosh with a 55 pilot and about 4 turns with the screw and the clip is 4 down the bike is hard to start i think i will bump up my pilot
  2. what size is the o-ring on a 05 yz250f fuel screw, a place called fastenall said they think they can order any size
  3. first off thanks for any input you may have i have a 05 yz250f that i just had tom morgen do a port and Polish also a 262 big bore kit he sent it back i had a mechanic put it all back together and then he had to leave it is really hard to start sometimes it will start first kick sometimes the 30th no rime or reason sometimes with the hot start it will start sometimes with the choke i rechecked the timing and its getting spark and when i twist the throttle with the carb off it squirts gas so heres what i have 188 main 72 starter jet 45 pilot running a honda needle ncyr 4 down 262 big bore kit Port and polish a yosh full system and 50% u4 and 50 % pump and a boyeson fuel pump y also bike seems to run mint when its warm