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  1. mxer317


    yeah that seems to be what everyone thinks it is. that sucks cuz i just bought a truck and i definitly dont have the money to pay for that! haha looks like i'll be sitting it out for awhile
  2. mxer317


    its an 04' but i dont know how many hours are on it. i am very dilagent when it comes to maintenence though and it has always run strong. i changed the oil after every to rides.
  3. mxer317


    yeah i definitly let you know whats goin on..ive never had a problem like that before so its definitly new to me
  4. mxer317


    the shift lever is fine..and thats the second time ive heard someone say its the shift drum or shift spring. i guess ill just take it apart and see.
  5. mxer317


    so today i layed my bike over and i picked it up and started goin again but i wouldnt shift past neutral. all i have is 1st and neutral. anyone know what i might have broke and what i should do about it?
  6. mxer317


    heres one on ebay, its cracked but pretty cheap http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KAWASAKI-KX250F-SUBFRAME_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQihZ005QQitemZ150021503475QQrdZ1
  7. mxer317

    Dan Pastor overjump in On The Pipe

    whats the list of injurys?
  8. mxer317

    does anyone?

    make an aftermarket ignition cover for an 04'
  9. mxer317

    Will this fit

    haha are you lookin at that engine on ebay?
  10. mxer317

    Tribute video to Jeremiah Jones

    what happened to jj?
  11. mxer317

    07' KTM's Joke?

    the ktms are nice because they pay a lot of attention to detail and have some very nice parts on them stock like the magura clutch and brembo brakes. plus they have awesome engines!
  12. mxer317

    04 kx 250f... IS IT A GOOD BIKE?

    i must agree...i havnt had any problems with my 04'. as long as you take care of it and do all the necessary work it should be just fine
  13. mxer317

    ignition cover?

    yeah i know! i saw those also and didnt jump on it. ill keep checking back
  14. mxer317

    ignition cover?

    does anyone have an ignition cover they would be willing to sell? everywhere i go its on backorder and i need it a.s.a.p
  15. mxer317


    anyone want/need a stock muffler off of an 05' thats very slightly used? its just taking up romm in my garage and could use the money.