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  1. I read through that but in Australia we don't have the AIS emissions stuff on our bikes, also another interesting point is that the wr's are easily licensed over here
  2. Ok, I guess I have a few jobs to do tonight! What do you mean by your second point about the air box etc?
  3. With the cold start routine do you push the choke in before using the hot start. And I assume you start it after the third step
  4. I've recently brought a 2010 Wr450 (900km on the clock) and i'm having issues with it starting when using the electric start. I've just replaced the battery and when I press the start button it cranks but won't actually start, then when I use the kick start it starts first time. The battery is fully charges, bikes in neutral and I've tried with the choke on and off. Any ideas?
  5. I took the bike out over the weekend and tried to isolate the problem I don't think the issue is related to slow acceleration but more when the bike is in the higher rev range. When its revving around the 6000-7000 range it has a bit of a stutter. I'm not overly good at working out these sorts of issues but I'm pretty sure this is the problem.
  6. I'll take it out for a spin on Saturday and try to isolate the problem a little better. I'll let you know how I go
  7. I contacted the dealer to find out what had been done when they sold it and they said they probably would have re-jetted it, removed the baffle and the snorkel. I've looked over the bike and the snorkel has been removed, couldn't get the rear of the exhaust off due to a couple of the bolts ceasing up but I couldn't feel a baffle in there with my finger. I've left the grey wire connected for now just till i get used to the bike so that i can tell if there is any difference. Over in Aus the bikes don't come with the AIS stuff that they come with in the US so there isn't anything to remove there. Not sure what jets are in it, nor am I sure yet of how to check them!!
  8. Thanks Guys, I've never played around with the Carb, so how do i clean the pilot jet?
  9. I just bought a 2011 wr450 with 500km on the clock. When accelerating hard it is fine but when I am accelerating slowly it can sometimes shutter or pause momentarily. The bike hasn't been ridden much recently from what I can tell, so I changes the oil and fuel, cleaned the air filter. Any ideas
  10. Cheers for that Krannie When taking the Carb apart what am I looking for? I'll get a new spark plug today and then see how it go's. I've got no idea about jetting so I'll leave that option til last. Cheers Dan
  11. I've just brought an 07 at an Auction and when at a constant speed the engine seems to pause for a second. What I know about the bike: It has been sitting for a while before I got it Done 800km from new Replaced the fuel The shop who sold the bike rejetted it, took out the air box and disconected the grey wire. I know that the WR do have a pause in the cycle but it feels more than it should. When it pauses my body moves forward. Does this sound normal?
  12. would a scored shaft cause the leak or is that related to the main O-ring? I'm learning as i go here so bare with me! Also i just priced up a new O-ring today and they wanted $40AUS (about $30 US) so do you think i could use the existing O-ring and apply some gasket silicone to it?
  13. just had a look at the diagram, are you referring to the oil seals or the large O-ring for the housing?
  14. thanks for your help guys Cheers Dan
  15. The search option for this forum doesn't seem to be available, so i need to ask a question that has probably been asked a few times before. I have a WR400 2000 model and coolant has started to leak from the weep hole under the water pump. What do I need to change? Is it just the outside O-ring or are there others? Cheers Dan