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  1. IdahoJim

    Which Rotella

    ahh...so you heard the same thing regarding the Rotella, eh? I'm using the Mobil !, and so far, so good. I've been following your thread on the hop-up stuff....sure sounds like fun...LOL Jim
  2. IdahoJim

    Which Rotella

    Rob, I read a thread on a non-motorcycle forum regarding Rotella synthetic. This expert claimed that the formulation of Rotella had changed and it was no longer a good oil for motorcycle engines. I have no personal knowledge of this, but I changed to Mobil synthetic in my scoot. Jim
  3. IdahoJim

    2001 dr650

    What you need to do is install a heavier rear spring. Contact Jesse at kientech, and give him your weight and riding habits. He'll fix you up. The stock spring was probably too soft for your weight, when new, and has lost some strength over the last 8 years. Then set the sag correctly, and if the bike is still a bit cramped, go for the lowered footpegs. Jim
  4. IdahoJim

    Routine flat spot off idle with Jesse's DJ mods?...

    Forrest...it may be the reason for the extended screw not effecting the idle is because the throttle isn't completely closed. Make sure the throttle is all the way down on the stop. Then adjust the screw. Many DR's are setup with the throttle slightly open. That means the idle is partly controlled by the idle circuit, and partly by the slide circuit. That condition tends to negate the effect of the fuel screw. Jim
  5. IdahoJim

    Routine flat spot off idle with Jesse's DJ mods?...

    I believe all that when the box is designed for max HP. unfortunately, that is not the case with the DR650. The system is designed to meet EPA requirements. You show me a DR650 with the stock airbox and snorkel that will keep up with a bike with opened airbox....ain't gonna happen. These bikes are severely restricted in the air system as delivered from the factory. Jim
  6. IdahoJim

    Routine flat spot off idle with Jesse's DJ mods?...

    I don't understand why you would limit the air available to the engine? The idea is to give it all the air it can use, and then match the fuel to the air. Limiting the air just limits performance. I do agree the slide drilling has limited value, at least at my 4500' elevation, but it probably doesn't hurt anything either. Jim
  7. IdahoJim

    Dyno Jet Kit or no?

    LOL....I have the stock exhaust, with fully modded airbox. I live at 4,500', and often ride up to 9,500'. I use the DJ kit and the bike runs great. Mileage is from 52-54 on the road, with 15/45 gearing. Jim
  8. IdahoJim

    White rear fender. Years?

    My '01 has white fenders, with a blue tank, and white sidecovers. Jim
  9. LOL...you got less to do, but even LESS to do it with..Ha ha. I'm glad you're well, and staying busy. I got the DR out for a spin the other day...first time this so-called spring. Sure felt great to be riding again. Jim
  10. IdahoJim

    uh oh.... Help!

    Glad to help.....that is an easy one to lose, as is getting the cap rotated 180° off so the air holes don't lineup. Don't ask how I know.. Jim
  11. I have the chilly feeling hell must have just "frozen over"....Mx_Rob missed the boat?...can't be happenin'.....LOL Jim
  12. IdahoJim

    uh oh.... Help!

    It's probably the O-ring that goes under the cap of the carb. Rotate the carb a bit, remove the cap, and you will see an airhole....the O-ring goes there. Jim
  13. IdahoJim

    BST float hight

    The higher the gas level in the bowl, the less suction pressure is required to pull the fuel through the mainjet, so for equal suction pressures you get more fuel with the higher float bowl level.
  14. IdahoJim

    Is my clutch shot? With pictures.

    I'd bet, if you could get a copy of the Suzuki factory service manual for the DR, the min/max tolerances are shown. That would be a handy thing to have ariound