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  1. hahaha to day at at the 2010 taskys husaburg text ride, i didnt even get a chance to unloud my bike! my bike of choice by far was the fe390, couldent get off it! i simply fell in LOVE!!! its the best tight woods bike iv ever ridin and i ride a light husky wr250 2stroke. it just felt soooo nimble i couldent beleave it! if i was rich i by 2! 1 to ride and 1 to just stare and droole over! thankx jeff and jr!
  2. hahahhaha i couldent beleave that he got it! ha was laughing and gave me a thumbs up....i think.... i kinda bumbed me head hard....agin! hahahha
  3. not at all! it was actuly a lota fun!!! check out the whole sequence...... i wana make a flip book! hahahhaha ending of page 1 and beginning of page 2 http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/ThumbPage.aspx?e=4599906&g=0HAT004601
  4. hahahahhahahahah i cant stop laughing!!!!!! thanks for giving me so much carp everyone!!!!!!! hahahhahaha thank you imagebyyou and Kevin Dahlen for the great pics! sp.ed (supperman/sunt rider!)
  5. ill be sure to bring my overalls marlon!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAH sp.ed!
  6. Well this weekend jrs and the crew when over to odessa and set up the corce, and from what i here its goin to be a pretty fast corce agin this year. They also told me that we should expect perfect track conditions, the dirt is perfet!!! .......un like last year, there should be verry little dust!!! link to flyer. http://stumpjumpers.org/documents/2009/01/2009whiteknuckle.pdf
  7. cool vid, wish i was in it! hahahhahahahahah
  8. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!! i had a flat tire the hole race and i still had a blast! pluss i gota cool cup! sp.ed
  9. Hey everyone we were up there all weekend getting the coerce groomed, it like a freaking highway now! Hahahhaha ok maybe it not that clear but its looking pretty good! But the snow is melting fairly quickly and the down hill is all groomed to perfection, so no worries everyone! This is going to be an awesome race!
  10. to bad studs are NOT legal:(
  11. more like the butt stomper. we have our verry SPECILE hill lined up agin:) at spots there no way of stoping, even if you wanted to. good stuff sp.ed
  12. Well, me, Jr, and shane went out scouting trails for the fisrt race of the NMA Off-road season. We came up with an aprox. 8mile corce, we estemate 30-40min lap times of the fast guys. There was some snow but Jr thinks that it should be melted enough to race on by the 22nd. Look forword to another great race a Reiter Trails everyone! sp.ed flyer at.... http://stumpjumpers.org/documents/2009/01/2009frostbite.pdf
  13. Last year I did a worcscross even, i did pretty well and I really enjoyed it! I was wondering if anyone knows about any other evens or series happening in the Northwest area? Thanks for your time! sp.ed nick
  14. great event, went petty smooth! well done! thank you!
  15. honesty i do not know. but im ridden yz250's, and sx250's, and none of them have nearly as much bottem end as the wr