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  1. mordini2005

    '06 TRX 450 idle problems

    i had a similiar problem with my 06 trx 450r it sat about a month and i started it once the whole time. changed the gas and it would only idle with the choke on . someone said to clean the pilot jet and it worked perfectly hope that helps
  2. mordini2005

    Honda AMR monster coil

    I found a AMR monster coil on ebay and was wondering is anyone thinks that this will actually give me the 3-5 horsepower claimed in the print. I have a 2006 TRX450R with a uni filter exhaust tip and dyno jet kit
  3. mordini2005

    starter recall

    yeah bought a 2006 trx 450er should have bought the kickstart as well mines a pain in the ass to start if you crank it more thhan 5 seconds . someone told me i can add a kick start haven't found out for sure yet
  4. mordini2005

    Honda airbox removal

    i have a 2006 trx 450r and have heard conflicting stories about removing the airbox lid . the only mods i have are a uni filter , dyno jet kit , and a hrc exhaust tip. right now i'm running a 124 main jet
  5. mordini2005

    06 trx?

    i just bought an 06 in december and it's my first quad the sight glass leaks oil, the chain has loosened up alot and the motor makes alot of noise compared to my friends 05 the dealer said the electric start makes more gear noise
  6. mordini2005

    Honda oil leak

    I have an 06 trx450 and after i ride a little i notice oil seeping from around the sight glass any ideas what could be the problem