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  1. superboop

    Mototrax Online

    Does anyone ever play Mototrax online with there ps2?
  2. superboop

    rm125 or 2007 rms250

    "yea man i found a 2004 mint condition rm125 with bars triple clamp fmf pipe and silencer new seat cover levers and graphics with fresh tires for 2800 obo if i were you id get something like that then bore it to like 144 and it would totally compete with 250fs" haha i laugh at u. this year was my first year racin and i bought a 2004 with pipe contours seat cover and spare levers for 1400, but even tho it was really cheap, i bought a new RMZ250 a lil later and it immediatly made my lap times 10 secs faster!!!! just switchin from the two stroke, its incredible i went from mid pack to top 5 finishes consistently, if ur serious go with the RMZ although i still keep the 125 around for 125JR (required to run 125) "ya my bike feels faster then 250fs i think it might be" the 125 feels faster but its just cause u have to work harder, after timing them and comparing them in the same conditions the 250f will destroy the 125 up to about 50 after that the RMZ just plain runs out of gears and the 125 will pull strong up to about 80, now when do u ever go faster then 50 on a track!!! ur decision depends on how serious u r in racin the 125 is a lot cheaper to buy and maintain on the other hand the RMZ250 will make u much more competitive
  3. What is the best suspension setup to run at a sand track that has fairly big jumps right out of corners with a 200 foot long sand whoop section and a big drop off jump. I raced there last weekend and they have a race coming up that i plan on attending. Do you want to run more race sag and less compression with more rebound? What is the best suspension configuration? The track also gets really ruff with lots of braking bumps that get to be the size of a whoop section. Any other tips or tricks (tire pressure) to run in sand?
  4. superboop

    sandy motocross tracks

    sand is one of my favorite parts of a track, mainly cause it mellows everything down, my best advice is right before you get to the sand pull hard on the bars and stand up while holding it wide open, try to get into a high enough gear before u hit the sand but depending on how long it is u may have shift, never back off, u may even not want to use ur clutch if u have to shift (like on a holeshot), just sort of pull a wheelie across it trying to keep ur front end as light as possible
  5. first off quads r only for chicks who can't ride a mxer not grown men, and second i had the same problems with my Rm125 i was always too front end light, an easy way to correct it is just go over the jumps with ur eyes looking down the number plate althougth this is not correct techinique and will not correct what ur problem is coming from, my best guess is you need to charge at the face and just before u take off lay off the gas a bit or if you feel u have a lil too much speed maybe tap ur rear brake right at the crest, jumping is not about hang time everything is made up in how fast u go at the jump not while ur in the air. plus its easier to get set up right for a jump while ur knobbies r still on the ground rather then flying through the air
  6. superboop

    Best RMZ Bar

    I meant what the width, height, and sweep were.
  7. superboop

    Best RMZ Bar

    Does anyone know what size the stock bar is?
  8. superboop

    Best RMZ Bar

    Is there another bar that is strong but doesnt require you to change the clamps?
  9. superboop

    Best RMZ Bar

    I had just picked up my new RMZ 250, took it out to the track, and had my worse wipe out to date. Luckily I only ended up bending my bars so am in the market for new ones. Any opinions on what the best brand of bar is to get. Im 15 and 5 8 if that makes a difference in what size. I also ride my bike a lot at least 15 hours a week so i should probably get a bar that isn't prone to bending easily. I also race C class. Thanks for the input
  10. superboop

    Best Hare Scramble Bike

    So lower cc bikes like 125ccs can run in higher classes? Also I do a lot of trail riding in real difficult spots were you can only go maybe 5 mph on account of steep hills that are just sheer jagged granite rocks all the way up in the Baraboo bluffs. So besides hare scrambling I kind of wanted a bike that I would still be able to use there without clutching it the entire time. The kdx looked like a perfect bike for that but I have never ridden one. Does it share similarities to a 4-stroke with having a sort of even powerband (I realize it is a 2-stroke) and yet be able to compete with the motocrossers or is it just like a 125cc with less suspension and a little more horsepower.
  11. superboop

    Endurocross Best Hare Scramble Bike

    Right now I have an 2002 xr200 with pre 1991 suspension (2" more travel than stock) and was planning on scrambling in the 126-200cc class. I know that the xr is not the most competitive bike especially since 4 and 2 strokes run in the same class. I was wondering if the xr is competitive enough in the trail conditions or what other bikes in the 126-200cc class would be a better choice for me to ride?
  12. superboop

    Wanted to buy xr200 long travel

    I live in Wisconsin and own a 2002 xr200 with really good shape (replaced oil a couple of days ago) 1991 long travel suspension. The bike is in really good shape and the suspension is all fitted to the bike with the can strapped sercurely. I would be willing to sell the bike for the right price or sell the suspension. Thanks, Tyler
  13. superboop

    XR200 Hare Scramble rear tire

    I need to replace my rear tire on my XR200r and am planning on Hare Scrambling this spring so I was wondering what type of tire would be a good choice (moto,trials,enduro)? I have heard good things about putting trials on but was wondering how they would hold up. I use to run Starcrosses on my TTR-125 and they hooked up really well but I am not sure if that was just the TTR's short wheel base. The tire that I have on now is a Maxxis and it was really terrible when it was new. Any suggestions of types or brands? Thanks, Tyler
  14. superboop

    New Xr suspension

    Ok so I just got my 2002 XR200 decked out in good condition 1991 suspension and it is pretty sweet but people were talking about getting 20 feet of air at 190 lbs. I am only 130 and about 13 feet is a pretty ruff landing for me. So I was wondering how you recharge the nitrogen in the rear shock. It has a normal valve like it is air instead of nitro. Also does anyone know where I can find the specs on the oil levels and psi ratings for the front shocks. Thanks, Tyler
  15. superboop

    Endurocross Wisconsin Hare Scrambles

    I am 14 years old with no racing experience but I would rate myself at pretty skillful. I own a 2002 XR200r and would like to enter into an competive event. Hare Scrambles seem like the best suited event for me. I know about the Hixton Hare Scramble but I was wondering of anyother Hare Scrambles within Wisconsin. Also with my XR would I be very competive and can you enter into single events or can only AMA racers looking for points enter (can you do it just for fun)? Thanks, Tyler