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  1. Sk8inrj1

    Every Problem in the Book with My 09 crf450

    I've got an 09 with nearly close to 70 hours. I have had absolutely zero problems after changing the stock clutch spring for the Hinson springs. Heck, I have the stock fuel pump with stock fuel filter in an IMS tank. Only time its ever been to the shop it for the decompressor recal l( it didn't break). Suspension, like every bike, had to be revalved. 90% of the hours on this bike was from my expert rider riding motocross and grand prixes.
  2. Sk8inrj1


    stuff some steel wool behind the sparky screen and remove after inspection.
  3. Sk8inrj1

    my birthday present wont start!

    The hot start lever has nothing to do with decompression. If that were true, the cable would be running into the valve cover. The hot start lever changes air fuel mixture ratio. It does exactly opposite of choke.
  4. Sk8inrj1

    What to do with 09 clutch ?

    The expert class rider that rides my 09 450R got 6 hole shots this past weekend and has had zero complaints from the clutch. My 09 has 25 hours and absolutely no clutch problems.
  5. Sk8inrj1

    Valve Adjustment Tools

    I use a screw driver, but I do not leave it on the bike. Take the screw driver and turn it to remove all the tension, then give it a little extra twist to make the tensioner hold itself in the open position. I've never had a problem. The tensioner has never released itself while I was working on the bike. Ive done this about 10~15 times. You will also need an impact gun to get off the cam bolts without spinning the cam. I like to use the motion pro tool that holds the cam in place while tightening the cam bolts. (better alternative to a screw driver or impact to tighten bolts)
  6. I have 3 torque wrenches, 1 craftsman and 2 harbor frieghts. Had them calibrated at my dad's work. Craftsman was dead on and the other two were WAY off. My vote is that craftsman is good for the money for people who DON'T make a living using their tools.
  7. Sk8inrj1

    What Springs?

    According to Racetech, ideal would be a .497 front and a 5.7 rear.
  8. Sk8inrj1

    What Springs?

    I Ride an 06 CRF450R. I weigh 225 with all my gear on. I am a beginner and I ride desert and will ride grand prixs. What Spings should I run in my forsks and rear shock. Right now it has stock springs.
  9. Sk8inrj1

    120 Width Tires for CRF450R

    Can say anything for handling differences, but there is physical room for the 120 wide tire. We run 120 on an 06 450R, and 06 450X and is stock on a 09 450R.
  10. Sk8inrj1

    AP Mod

    On a side note, Is there any benefit of doing the AP mod and using the R&D power bowl 2? Can they be used together? I live minutes from the R&D office and I am having my 06 CRF450R and my dad's 06 450X dyno tuned with the new R&D float bowls. Should I do the AP mod before heading down there?
  11. Sk8inrj1

    AP Mod

    Here is a link to the Accelerator Pump Mod http://www.squadpage.com/pandora/Professor%20RedBeard450%20How-To%20AP%20Mod.pdf For some reason I get an 'Address Not Found' error on my computer but I can view it on my iphone. Could somebody download it to their computer, PM me and I'll give your my email so you could email me the file? Thanks for the help
  12. Sk8inrj1

    Exhaust Rattle

    My dad has an 06 450X. It has a full pro circuit exhaust on it, don't know which one exactly. There is no clamp between the headpipe and the muffler and that is where the rattle is. Rattle is very loud and some exahust escapes there too. What should I do to fix the rattle between the head pipe and muffler?
  13. Sk8inrj1

    Post 09 Pics!!

  14. Sk8inrj1

    Oil Confusion

    I run ELF 10W-50 in our 06 450X, 06 450R, and 09 450R. Recommended level on engine side and an extra 150 cc on the tranny side on all 3 bikes. Never one problem yet. The 06 450R has about 100 hrs of expert racing and 40 hrs of novice desert riding with stock clutch.
  15. Sk8inrj1

    Exhaust Valves Extra Tight!

    yes I made sure I was at TDC on the compression stroke. I actually verified with a dial indicator on the piston through the spark plug hole. I think there was something fishy to begin with with this head anyways. I gotta find out if in fact there is SS valves and stock springs becuase from reading on here that is a no no. I will shim appropriately and jet check after every race weekend.