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  1. where you live at in cali??....just ride tracks..its more fun
  2. nope db doesnt matter...and im only get the slip on not the full system yet
  3. which one you guys think fmf titanium 4.1?? or the pro circuit TI4?? thanks
  4. i was gona go but the race got cancled
  5. I got a 137 in mine runs great alot more bottom
  6. I was just wonderin why there are holes in the shoruds and on the side number plates on the 06s....I think they just look weird so i was just wonderin why
  7. first thing when braking a new motor in you never start it up for a shirt time and ride for a short time cuz the rings wont set right.....wait till your at the track and take it out for about a half hour then let it sit for like 10-15 mins and go back out for another half hour reapet that for the first tank then start goin longer and openin it up more and more
  8. I was just wonderin whats point of havin the holes in the shrouds and number plates on the 06s anyone really know?? thanks
  9. Im thinkin of gettin a 06 yz250f or 06 kx250f so yea, anyone have problmes with there 06 yzfs? thanks
  10. I know you guys were talkin bout gettin the shifting problems with the 06 but if changing the shitfter and oil fix it, its nto a problem so anything else wrong with them??? thanks
  11. I was wonderin bout doin a conversion kit form a 04 crf50 to 04 crf70 forks has anyone done it?? do I only have to switch the legs and brake cable? thanks