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  1. Eliass

    How often do you ride?

    Depends on the weather and how much time i have. Normally 1-3 times a week during season, unfortunately i only have 5 months of riding season.
  2. Helmetcam from my local enduro track during the annual race. So you know, im not the rider in this clip. In the pro class where the rider in the clip competes in they ride the track for 2 hours +30 min if they lap before 1:59:59 Part 1: After 5:50 you will se the gnarliest part of the track, the rocks seem small but they aren't Part 2:
  3. Eliass

    09 yz450 intake advanced 1tooth

    Remember that the camshaft bracket should be torqued down in a criss cross pattern and only to 20 Nm or you will see excessive wear on the bearing and probably something worse.
  4. Eliass

    2010/11 YZ450F questions

    Some say that you can tune the bike better, expecially that you can tone down the bark off idle. Some that have tried went back too the stock mapping because the bike didn't get any better. I haven't tried the tuner myself but i will too see for myself. Rekluse is darn expensive but as the above posts it will make a ton of difference, makes it harder to stall the bike.
  5. Eliass

    09 yz450 intake advanced 1tooth

    Depends on which way, on the old YZ426/WR426 the difference was that the WR camshaft were 1 tooth off compared to the YZ, This to make the motor a little less agressive. Don't know how this is on the newer bikes but as it actually ran you probably havent broken anything. So just put the camshaft back in the original position.
  6. Eliass

    2010/11 YZ450F questions

    First, the gearing needs to be changed due to the high speed first gear. Also it's alot easier to stall than the 2009 models so an trail flywheel is a must. The suspension is very smooth in the initial stroke for mx which i like, i tried running swedish enduro and sure it's possible but not as comfortable as an enduro suspension. Although your woods track can be very different with much higher speeds and less rock, i think that there are a thread about which mods to do to a 2010 yz450f for woods riding. In worst case if you buy a stocker you can try without a revalve and then decide what to do.
  7. Eliass

    sprocket bolts coming loose

    I've had this problem on my last bike due to the sprocket holes was a little bit oval/too big for the bolt. Which resulted in that how hard i tightened them and used loctite's worst solution they came loose after at few rides. So my solution was to change the hub with a new sprocket/bolts,