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  1. I love my CR500 supermoto.... was out on it earlier and i know of no better bike to turn heads! Would still like a KX5 though.... and one of these if i found a pile of cash 700cc 2 smoker www.atkusa.com
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    cr 500 af

    Go for a 98' frame - they are stiff and easier to convert & pimp Here you go... enjoy
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    Post pics of your CR's

    2001 HONDA CR 500R, Full road legal supermoto spec.. The spec is: Polished frame/subframe/swingarm/yokes/ignition cover/clutchcover, Talon hubs and rims, new sprockett & chain, ProCircuit pipe, fmf gnarly pipe, fmf q-pipe for the mot time, pwk carb instead of the old and useless pj, boysen rad vale with boysen dual stage reeds, trailtech speedo with the billet mount and a pro moto billet kickstand, rectifier coil & battery, contiforce supermoto tyres, 320mm disk and a 4 pot caliper do the stopping up front, Here you go... enjoy
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    exactly - the CR500 was an built around an old Cr250 chassis...........it was prone to headshake at high speeds! the KX5 was quicker in a straight line and didnt slap like a bitch at speed Only on tight MX track did the CR500 have an advantage.... pitty about the emmission laws (CRF100biker mentioned) The KX500 is probally the fastest stock crosser there will ever be
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    no, no, no, i think your wrong! The KX500 (powervalve) motor makes more power than the CR engine, whats why kawasaki always cleaned up in desert races. It whips the CR in a straight line. However the CR500 was a better motocrosser as it was more controllable on tighter tracks. The Kawasaki is said to produce 5hp more (b.w. BHP) than the CR500.