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  1. I have two new KTM stock 52 tooth rear sprockets and I would like to trade one for a new or slightly used 46, 47, 48 or 49 tooth rear sprocket if someone feels the urge to try a 52. Thanks
  2. baja me

    ktm 2008 250xcf-w

    The 08 250 XCF comes stock with 13-48 front / rear sprockets and first gear for me was about right for technical riding I estimated it would cruise around 45mph and had a top speed of about 60-65 maybe, like I said a guess since that model does not come stock with a speedo and I never did install one. Tha 08 250 XCF-W comes stock with a 13-52 combo and first gear is way to low with to little top end, for me anyway. I geared the W 13-48 like the XCF and I love the gear speed and power spead. First is plenty low for technical riding and the bike will cruise at 60 with a top speed of 80mph. As far as the suspension the XCF comes stock with a 66 rear spring and 44 front springs in the dual chamber mx forks. The XCF-W comes stock with a heavier 69 rear spring and 42 front springs in the off road forks. I weigh in at around 155-160 plus about 35lbs of riding gear with tools and emergency gear. I use the 66 rear and 42 fronts in either bike and it works well for me but Les at LT Racing in Port Orcard ,WA. ph#360-871-2259 sets up the suspension so it"s pretty dialed in now for me any way, check him out.
  3. baja me

    ktm 2008 250xcf-w

    Don't buy the XCF-W for single track? Really? I had the 08 XCF before the XCF-W and I prefer the W because it's not really all that wide in the gear box, more like a semi wide. Read what Dwight Rudder has to say about the W tranny. After looging close to 3,000 single track miles on 08 XCF-w's in the last several months I won't be returning to the XCF any time soon after putting in over 1200 single track miles on that model. Riding the W I just leave it iin third and ride smooth as much as possible leaving most technical areas for second and rarely using first which is good for trials type sections. Sixth will hit 80 mph wrung out and that is out of the realm of the XCF. As far as the jetting questions I just know about what I've tested and I know that JD's work and are tested on the dyno. Remember that the needle profile is as important as the jet size so swapping out whatever needle with whatever jets will probably not provide optimum performance. Just comments from my experiances with the two bikes.
  4. baja me

    08' 250 xcr-w Skid Plate suggestions?

    Here's a couple of pics that show the new recess. It pretty much looks the same mounted up as the older plate (not shown). Maybe you can also see it's a couple of mm's thicker.
  5. baja me

    ktm 2008 250xcf-w

    I have owned and tuned several 08 KTM 250 XCF-W's and one 08 XCF and I feel like they have a great low end. Of course the bike cannot be run with the stock jetting at all so don't try it comes so lean. Stalling will rarely happen after you tune it up with a JD kit at the sea level setting regardless of the altitude, the bike loves fat jetting and also try a 42 pilot instead of the 40 too if it's bit cooler. The bike has a great lowend IMO lots of torque there. On the W a less restrictive slip on will be needed too for best results, the xcf is straight through stock but will need a sparky installed.
  6. baja me

    08' 250 xcr-w Skid Plate suggestions?

    My 2 cents I bought a flatland and those guys are great guys and I liked them however the aluminum plate they sell is really thick and heavy which maybe a bit of over kill for some. I sent mine back. I then bought a Hyde plate which I really liked and the guy that sells them is a first rate guy to deal with. The nice thing about this plate is it will slide over objects easier with less drag where as the aluminum plates can stick and toss you possibly. This was the older hyde that came out earlier in the year. The older design has no protection for the rear mounting bolts and they can be struck and ripped out of the frame, that happened to me along with also denting my frame rails and smashing and cracking my plate. It was a pretty big caseout on a rock at speed so... it probably should have happened and I still felt like an alum plate may have stuck and tossed me maybe. Hyde did just send me the brand new improved plate under warranty though and I thought that was first rate. The new one has a recess for the rear bolts to protect them better and it seems to be thicker and stronger so I am pretty happy with it so far but have not really had a good smash at it yet but I am optimistic. I did buy a KTM hard parts plastic plate and I estimated that I would for sure dent my frame if I cased out hard on a rock. It's outta here. Like I said the ability for the plastic plate to slide over objects is really a key feature for me and I will most likely try and stick with the new improved Hyde racing skid plate for the new bike. As a quick fix reinforcement on the plastic plate I could see how you may be able to place some alum pieces on the underside and I may try that. Also use a pan head type fastener on the rear mounting bolts to avoid ripping your T nuts out of the frame rail. Hyde racing:thumbsup: Thanks:thumbsup: !
  7. baja me

    diff 2008 250 xc-f and 250 xcf-w

    The chain on the xcf-w has has x-rings, I just had one apart yesterday. The xcf-w comes stock geared 13-52 but I like mine geared 13-48 like the xcf comes stock. It still has a plenty low first but it will then cruise at 55 pretty easy with great fuel mpg. Also it puts the chain guide up a notch out of the way and reduces weight on the rear drive with being a link shorter and having a smaller rear sprocket. The xcf has a non o or x ring for sure and is one link shorter, I know because I've had one of those apart too. Another diff is the radiator on the right side. The xcf-w has a thermostat plumbed in and the w's rad has the brass plug and the extra elbow where as the xcf does not. I swapped out to a xcf radiator on my Wife Bettys 08 250 xcfw to see if it would run any cooler. Not that it was running that hot but her bike came new with a tweaked right side rad so KTM was nice enough to send me a brand new rad for a replacement ( thanks KTM and L and D racetech in astoria). I just finally swapped it out so I don't know if it is going to run cooler with out the thermostat. Could be awhile before it gets warm enough to find out around here. Also the fuel tanks are different. The xcfw's have a double moulded thicker fuel tank that's a hair heavier and supposed to be non permiable. The rear fenders are a little different too with the w having the tail light nubs which you will want if your going street legal. Oh and the shocks are different too check your part #'s. The stock shock on the xcf is pretty good stock the w is a little less so. Weird too is that the w comes with a heavier rear spring a 69 instead of the xcf 66 which is what I needed and traded for ( thanks Mark!). Both great bikes I however am sold on a well setup W for all around do it all, an MX desert racing trials dual sport bike. I've had both bikes and I sort of agree with Dave H that the xcf is a bit more moto. The forks and the gear box for sure lean towards moto on the xcf. here's a few pics of Betty
  8. baja me

    08 250 xcf or 08 450 xcf. Which one to buy?

    Well I had the 08 250 xcf first then I traded to a 08 250 xcf-w for a higher top end so I could do desert and single track on the same 250 and not resort to a 450. I have been beyond really happy with the choice and I don't see making a move towards anything else. It works so well in technical single track it's like cheating and if you have to hit the road it has plenty of top speed for dual sporting or open desert etc... Besides there is always the big bore to add and still have a light bike so it looks like a win win deal. Imo in single track where the xcf is possibly favored I prefer the longer pull in each gear and the lower first when geared taller of the xcfw. The xcf dual chamber forks are nice but after a pro tune up the xcfw forks are just as nice to me. All in all 08 250 xcf-w I notice there is one in the classifieds:busted:
  9. baja me

    Black and White

    Here's a couple of pics of betty'z and my whitey. cheers all !, Katoom rocks!!!!!!!
  10. baja me

    Shock spring on 08 250 XCF-W

    Yep TJ it comes stock with the 69/250. I ended up trading someone for a 66/250 which seems really good for 160 lbs. The shock also has a different part# too so it's a different shock than the xcf.
  11. baja me

    Caution for BAJA riders

    http://forums.bajanomad.com/viewthread.php?tid=28572&page=2 "Expect major changes in Baja Norte... The harassment and robbery of the Hall family and the surfer couple's episode at Cuatro Casas has rang out loud and it is because the details have GREATLY reduced tourism to Baja. The businesses are HURTING and demanding change... The American consulate is involved as well in relaying the fears and reports to the Mexican officials... Just give them some time to find law and order, and then we can go back with the normal experiences of the past. The toll road will have constant patrols so the attack on innocent vacationers will not be repeated... We can only hope... " The above is a recent post and link from baja nomad forum if you care to read up on it. Cheers bm
  12. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=577456 So many closures so little time Write now if you can. Thank you
  13. Hey L76 that's great news! Another good reason to buy a KTM besides being the lightest, best handling and having the most horsepower ... ... and the best TT forum and moderator too
  14. Never said Husky was a POS or even implied it. Hyjack away guys.
  15. baja me

    G-P conditions

    Good read Joe! You and Big D do know how to have a good time. I wish I would have been with you guys, instead it was ride da hat with Betty. I really don't see why your bike should over heat going up 272:excuseme: I miss that north side riding living closer to the south side. Looks pretty snowy now and it could be gettin turned over to the sleds soon:cry: Hope you're all scorin some good ridin today.