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  1. mcgarvie

    Balancer problems

    Thanks for the info I'm getting right on it and let you know how it goes. When I get to doing the job I'm going to take pictures step by step for others with the same problem. Now only if the snow could melt.
  2. mcgarvie

    Balancer problems

    What kind of job is it to change the bearing. Did you do it yourself or did you get it done at a shop.I imagine it isn't rocket science but a few tips wouldn't hurt maybe to save a little time.
  3. mcgarvie

    Balancer problems

    Hey I just mis worded things, but my bike is really making noise and it isn't normal to me since my buddies bikes don't do it. The bike has about 60 hrs on it the valves are ok and it runs good except for the noise.
  4. mcgarvie

    Balancer problems

    Hey guys I'd like to hear about anyone having or has had problems with balancer bearings. My engine is real noisey on my o4 and I think it has to do with the balancer as well I noticed some what seems to be like stress cracks on the right outer case just behind the water pump. I had a shop tear the engine down and they said that every thing looked good but I'm douptful that they knew what they were doing. I think that I'm going to tear in to it on my own since there's 4ft of snow here,I'd like some tips.