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  1. chipp

    Broken Chain

    DID chain is a Japanese brand chain used by Yamaha.
  2. chipp

    Broken Chain

    Has anyone else had trouble any trouble with DID chain breaking? Good maintenance and correct tension - chain broke anyway - lots of damage. WR450F
  3. chipp

    WR Street Legal Q

    Do you have any info on wiring the switch for hi/lo beam and hydraulic brake light switch on the WR450F '04?
  4. chipp

    Making wiring for WR450

    Trying to wire hi/lo switch to Phillips H4 12v 60/55 bulb on a WR450F 04 to make it street legal in VA.
  5. chipp

    WR Street Legal Q

    In Virginia, must have -- Any advice on hi/lo beam off switch?